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What Does 10X Mean?

Lean Labs helps remarkable brands 10x their traffic, leads, and opportunities. We do this through Inbound Marketing & Growth Driven Design.

Case Studies

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Traffic Growth
12mo: Feb 2016 - Jan 2017

“We could not have asked for a better partner than Lean Labs. They have tremendous energy and knowledge, and have really propelled Atlantech Online's marketing efforts.”

Ed Fineran
Owner, Atlantech Online, Inc.
Case Study
Organic Growth
14mo: Feb 2016 - April 2017

“Choosing to work with Lean Labs has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Working with Lean Labs has been a dream. Kevin and his team are smart, extremely capable, and a joy with whom to work.”

Dr. Larry Fan
Dr. Larry Fan
Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon
Case Study
Conversion Rate Increase
2015 - 2016

I wouldn't change a thing about the process. Lean Labs is incredibly competent. The experience has been incredible.”

Drew Fortin
Vice President of Marketing
Case Study

How To Think About Growth

To achieve scalable growth you have to think differently about how to achieve it. Companies hire the Lean Labs growth team when their current marketing and sales have either hit a ceiling or are not delivering the desired level of growth.


Strategize The Buyer Journey

Growth is a byproduct of solving your customer's problems. What are their problems, goals, and struggles that take them to the web? It's important to identify their intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, as well as their anxieties and objections to change?

The proper strategy and buyer journey addresses all of this and more. By creating content for all phases of the buyer journey, you're able to earn the attention and trust of your target market.

It's our fundamental belief that customers want to convert, because they want their problem solved. The trick is to start where they are and lead them step by step to the appropriate solution; taking care to supply the right next step throughout the entire process.


Create Attractive Content

It's a lot easier to build a customer base if the people you're targeting are finding you.

Lean Labs attracts organic traffic to your website by focusing on the pains, tasks, and queries that bring your target customer to the web looking for information and solutions.

We know they have a task to complete or a problem to solve, and by intercepting them early in the process of solving their problem, they become aware of your brand and you begin to build trust.

We consistently 10x organic traffic for our clients in 24-48 months, based on their desired growth velocity (and budget).

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Leverage Lead Magnets

If creating content alone was enough, growth would be easy. But every 60 seconds, over 1,400 blog posts are published and 72 hours worth of video are added to YouTube.

In order to see your content flourish and deliver ROI, every piece of content needs to connect to the next step in the buying journey. By offering them the right next step on every page, every post, every video, customers who are right for your offer are far more likely to take that step.

Also, by converting them as leads through well crafted "lead magnets," you're delivering them irresistibly helpful content, and at the same time obtaining permission to nurture them through the buyer journey.

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Nurture, Score, & Notify

Put simply, the goal of Inbound Marketing is to transform your salespeople from hunters into farmers.

Hunting for opportunities and trying to cultivate a relationship from cold calls or advertisements is labor intensive, low ROI, and hard to scale.

However, if you're nurturing leads well, monitoring lead activity, and scoring leads properly, you can fill your sales pipeline with the most engaged and qualified prospects. Then, you can help and advise the best solution for their specific situation.

As the inbound leads pool grows, and automated lead nurturing leads them through the buyer journey, the quality of leads increases. This means you can filter sales qualified leads before any action is taken by your sales team. If every call is placed to an engaged prospect, who's both qualified and familiar with your company, your sales team will report that inbound leads are the easiest to close next to referrals.

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Brand Experience

It's probably obvious in 2018, but every touch point with your customer, even before they talk to you, shapes their view of your brand. If they perceive you as helpful rather than pushy, they'll reward you with attention and trust. If they find your website to be "salesy," outdated, or difficult to use, they're gone in a flash.

Our biggest struggle in 10x'ing clients has come from instances where we had no control over the website. There is no point in pouring gas into an engine that doesn't run right.

Your website is your #1 marketing asset and your #1 sales tool at the same time. If customers can find a resource to better serve their needs, they will. Google will rank that competing resource higher, too.

The only way to rank higher and convert better than competitors is to deserve it. Build a brand experience that's heads and shoulders above the competition, and customers will reward you with engagement and sales.

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Growth Driven Design

Mediocre brands launch "set it and forget it" websites that go unrefined and unimproved. After 2-3 years, they throw that outdated website away and pin all their hopes on a new website to save the day.

The problem is, that's not how growth works.

Great brands don't put all their bets on a new website to drive years of growth. Instead, they launch a great foundation, then they iterate. And, iterate. And, iterate.

Incremental improvements in your brand experience, marketing, lead scoring, sales processes, and nurturing is where you ultimately find peak performance in every stage of the buyer's journey.

Most brands don't work iteratively. They spend more time designing new websites and new marketing initiatives than refining their most popular pages, posts, and emails. Growth comes not from just doing more, but making those things you do more effective.

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Growth Team Development

Here's the medicine that doesn't taste as good: you probably deserve to be right where you are.

Your company is where it is because your level of success matches your team and the level of brand you've built. In order to break into that next level, something great must come into your organization or something great must come out of your existing team.

Therefore three things are paramount:

#1: You must develop your team. "Growth Hacking" will only take you so far. Strategy and tactics lead to a ceiling. It's the foundation of who your brand is, why you're doing what you're doing, and how it inspires your team to deliver value to your customers that leads to exponential growth.

#2: You must solve for skill gaps. Your performance gaps in sales and marketing come from talent gaps. Whether it's strategic, creative, content, or technical; you need a growth team that buys into your brand vision and can execute on your growth strategy.

As an agency, Lean Labs is often hired to provide talent on a "fractional" basis (not full-time), for a fraction of the cost of developing your own internal growth team.

#3: You must buy into incremental improvements. Your growth team needs to make incremental improvements in your brand experience, marketing, segmenting and scoring, sales processes, and nurturing effectiveness until reaching peak performance in every stage of the buying journey.

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