Free Ebook: Getting Started with A/B Testing

Getting Started with AB Testing

Learn how to increase your conversion rates with a few simple tests.

It's always good to test the water. It's even better to be able to test with options at your disposal. That's why A/B split testing rocks.

A/B split testing allows you try out marketing methods in both your website's content and design and compare the results with feedback from real potential customers. But you won't know what makes the biggest impact until you test these changes.Now Hubspot have launched a fantastic new eBook to help get you and your marketing team up to speed and full prepared ion A/B testing.

This beginner's guide to A/B testing includes:

  • The basic marketing elements you can A/B test
  • Examples of A/B tests from professional marketers
  • Instructions on how to apply these findings to your own marketing strategies

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