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Growth Driven Design

Are High-Performance COS Website Designs Possible Without Paying $30k or More?

Written by Melissa Randall / March 28, 2019

As an Inbound Writer for Lean Labs, Melissa writes about high-converting websites and customer-centric marketing. She's an avid traveler, with trips to Iceland, Ukraine, and Portugal under her belt. She currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina with her dog, Morrie.

For every startup, small businesses, or solopreneur building a phenomenal team is a top priority. Every team member must carry their respective weight and put the organization in the best possible position to move forward. But when it comes to customer support and engagement, do you have the same expectations for your website?

Because your website is more than just a place to post blog content and provide contact information. It's the most important member of your sales and marketing team. It needs to be working 24/7 at engaging, nurturing, and generating leads with no time off, and no holidays. Your website is your customer's hub and resource, providing all of the insight and information necessary for them to move forward.

That's why it's critical, especially for startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs, to build a site that goes way beyond the constraints of a brochure or Wix website. A website that fosters growth needs the backbone of a reliable COS or Content Optimization System like HubSpot. If you don't build this type of site, you risk setting your company back by months, if not years.

But how much does that kind of site cost?

How To Get A COS Website Design For Under $30k

If you've been researching implementing a COS or similar tool, you already know that HubSpot is expensive. And if you're first starting out, it may seem unlikely that you can afford exceptional web design and this kind of marketing technology. While you're not wrong, (HubSpot is costly), the high expenses that stem from HubSpot and website design often come from a few common mistakes.

First, you need to follow a strategic process. Second, you must know where to allocate your time and resources. Because when you know when to take specific steps and flip the switch on subscriptions and upgrades, you can quickly build a high-quality, low-budget website using the HubSpot COS for under $30k.

Step 1: Make A Website Plan Before Getting HubSpot

If you wait until you have website project plan and approved content before buying HubSpot's website add-on, you'll save hundreds of dollars a month. Because until you have everything to start drafting pages, there's not much point in having the platform. It will sit there while you're working through strategy and copy, and you'll burn through your budget paying the monthly fee.

When you do need the add-on, there two website pricing tiers, which depend on your site traffic. If you have under 3,000 monthly views, you can buy Site Starter at $100 per month. The next pricing tier is for sites with over 3,000 visits, at $300 per month. If you're small, it can pay off, saving you around $200 a month here.

Step 2: Allocate Budget and Timeline Wisely

If you follow the Growth Driven Design approach, you can start accumulating traffic and growth with a launch pad site sooner. The GDD method involves a few steps, including:

The result is a leaner site that uses a few key pages to guide your customer through the buyer journey. That way, you can start seeing benefit from using HubSpot sooner, cutting down on the amount of time between your launch and ROI.

Step 3: Don't Pay For Something You're Not Using

Eventually, you will need to pay for the marketing features that HubSpot offers. But until you have a website up and start seeing some results, it doesn't make sense to pay for the premium version of those tools. We recommend avoiding anything more advanced that HubSpot's Basic Marketing Plan ($200 a month.)

With Basic, you can remove the HubSpot branding, use forms, make Facebook and Instagram lead ads, access the content strategy tool, and so much more. The only difference between Basic and the next level, Professional, is the ability to conduct marketing automation, use a Salesforce integration, try Smart Content, and run A/B tests. While you're first starting with HubSpot and inbound marketing, using those features may not make sense.

Because the full price tag for year one of the Pro plan, with website hosting and training, is $15,000, with another $3,000 if you plan to send your in-house team to The Inbound Conference. If you stick with Basic for the first year, you can get the right team and strategies up and going, then make the jump to Pro later.

Step 4: Skip The Training Fees

If you sign up for HubSpot with a certified HubSpot partner, (like Lean Labs), training fees are waived. I would recommend selecting a training partner that can help you deploy inbound efforts long-term, and put the training costs towards the ongoing services. We also work with our clients to get them a commission from HubSpot (you can read more about this in our savings guide.)

The savings you get from the waived training fees are significant. The required on-boarding training for HubSpot is $600 and can be more depending on your subscription level.

Growing With The HubSpot COS

If you're a startup or small company that needs a new website and a better inbound marketing strategy, investing in HubSpot makes the most sense. From the start, you'll have all of the training, support, and resources necessary to create and deploy marketing that works. After the launch of your site and marketing strategy, you can use an array of optimization and reporting features to improve your efforts even more.

The too long, didn't read version of this article? The longer you wait to adopt a tool like HubSpot, the more you will delay your growth. In a few years, you will likely wish you began with HubSpot, rather than wasting a significant amount of budget and time in trying to use less robust and reliable solutions. If you're hooked and want to know more about saving on HubSpot, check out how to get 60% off your first year in our handy guide. New call-to-action

Growth Driven Design

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