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The Top 10 Youtube Channels to Follow for Marketing Insights

Written by Ryan Scott / August 25, 2019

is the Head of Marketing at Lean Labs. His experience ranges from higher education to SMBs and tech startups. When not doing digital marketing, he's sure to be enjoying some kind of nerdy pastime.

If you're like me, now and then you need a shot in the arm; something that restores your energy and excitement for marketing.

This is why I'm excited always excited about marketing conferences like Inbound and Traffic and Conversion Summit. But when you can't jet away to some conference, there's still YouTube!

I love YouTube, and when I need to generate some new excitement about marketing, I have a few go-to channels that always give me value. If you're a marketer, I would say these channels are must-follow.

The Top YouTube Channels for Marketers

Some of these channels aren't considered 'marketing advice' channels. But they all have close ties to marketing, and they are all inspiring, educational, and helpful.

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1. Social Triggers

Derek Halpern has a lot of videos; all focused on marketing better. He shared valuable tips, like "How to Persuade People to Do Anything," in short, entertaining videos. Halpern also does some Periscope broadcasts, so definitely worth a follow on social media as well.



2. Jay Baer

Jay has produced a hit show, Jay Today, where he shared pieces of his marketing mind 3 minutes at a time. He recently ended that show, but the episodes are still worth watching. He's planning a new show to come out soon in which he says he will focus on a direct topic rather than just what's on his mind - the idea behind Jay Today.

Jay is a thought leader in marketing and is seemingly in front of all Social Media channel updates and news, so following him is an absolute must.



3. Pat Flynn

Pat is a blogger and internet marketer most famous for his blog Smart Passive Income. He's pretty good at what he does, and he's even done a live case study, starting a new blog on food trucks from scratch and making it profitable.

If you're interested in podcasting, Flynn is a master podcaster that loves what he does. Subscribing to his YouTube channel isn't necessarily going to connect with B2B marketers directly. But he produces fun, inspiring content that will give you enough information to adapt to your marketing style.



4. Michael Hyatt

Michael is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He started a blog many years ago, grew a huge audience, has launched an online membership site, and written a bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Michael isn't some marketing guru that learned his craft from the startup world. But he's a brilliant guy and simply does things, and gives advice that works. His YouTube channel is also heavy on leadership and motivational content. So even if he isn't talking about marketing specifically, it will help you grow to watch his content.

He's also at the front end of businesses using Periscope - so definitely watch and learn as he molds that app to work for his business.



5. Gary Vaynerchuck

What would a YouTube list be without Gary Vee? His YouTube channel is great and usually skews more toward motivation than it does actual marketing insights. I'm not a huge Gary Vee fan, and I think the schtick of "work hard 24/7" gets old after a while. 

But now and then, Gary's content hits gold. Worth a follow.



6. Entrepreneur Online

This is one more focused on motivation than just marketing insights; although there are some excellent videos from the top marketing minds in the world. Every marketer has an entrepreneur inside of them, and this channel speaks to that spark inside.

If you're feeling unmotivated, just jump on and browse this channel.



7. Element 3

This channel doesn't pop up on my screen very often, but they do have some pretty great talks on Inbound Marketing specifically. If you're an inbound marketer, or you staff inbound marketers, this is a good YouTube channel for marketers to subscribe to, so you can get their new content as it comes available.



8. HubSpot

Yes, this channel is full of HubSpot marketing messages. But they also post keynotes from the Inbound Conference, so this is a must-follow. Plus, if you're an inbound marketer who isn't a HubSpot fan... don't you know who wrote the book on Inbound Marketing? :)



9. Behind the Brand

Honestly, I found this channel by searching for Seth Godin. But I like the idea of getting the behind-the-scenes looks from some top brands, and not just from marketers. I love watching these videos - especially the Seth Godin ones. 



10. Good Mythical Morning

Because sometimes you just need to watch grown men chopping wood in high heels.



What Channels are Must Follows For You?

One of the great things about YouTube is that there are always more channels. What channels do you think should have made this list? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me a link!


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