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What's the purpose of inbound marketing?

Written by Kevin Barber / February 7, 2014

is the Founder & Director of Lean Labs. He has over a decade of professional experience in Internet Marketing and his top skill is surrounding himself with passionate designers, developers, and inbound marketers.

Kevin has been married 10 years, the father of 3, and he recently relocated to Costa Rica. He enjoys reading professional development books, cycling and motorcycling. Connect with Kevin on Linked In.

When I first started marketing in 1998, I learned a lifelong marketing concept.

Q: “What’s the purpose of an event?”  A: “To build for the next event.”

This is how you build momentum in the marketplace as well as build your business.

Each event I held drove prospects to become leads. The next event drove leads to become customers. Finally, I held events to turn customers into evangelists. I then repeated the process for fresh batches of prospects, leads, and customers. I learned this concept before I was even 21 years old, and I'm still applying it to inbound marketing today.

Each piece of content you create should be designed to lead the customer to the next exposure, step by step through the buying journey.  [tweet this]

Sure, leave them wanting more, but then give it to them! This is what inbound marketing is all about.

The purpose of inbound marketing is to help customers make smart decisions by offering valuable information at each step of the buying process.