Conquering the Inbound Marketing Mountain

Conquering the Inbound Marketing Mountain

Ten Tips Before You Start Hiking.

The Inbound Marketing mountain can be daunting. Have no doubt, even the most experienced climbers are challenged by Inbound’s steep cliffs, changing weather, and long journey. Just like climbing a mountain, Inbound Marketing requires preparation. Be a smart hiker. Download Conquering the Inbound Marketing Mountain and get ready for the climb.

Our Inbound Marketing e-book offers insights into inbound marketing goal setting, defining and detailing personas, tips for building a team of Inbound Marketers, and key components of your editorial calendar. 

Before you climb, get to know the best places to set-up camp, including Awareness Waterfall, Consideration Cliff, and Decision Divide!  

Conquering the Inbound Marketing Mountain

By reading this ebook you'll learn:

  • The important questions to consider when setting Inbound goals.

  • Deeper insights into why and how to select personas, to get them right.

  • Key elements of the editorial calendar, the most important tool in your Inbound campaign.

  • How to find content that works best by regularly testing content ideas.  

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