Content Collaboration Guidelines

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Thanks for your interest in submitting content to our blog. 

We get a lot of requests for guest posts, so to ensure we get to see all of them, we ask that you follow this simple process:

1. Read the reqs

2. Submit the form

3. Write amazing content


Simple enough, right? Onto step 1!



Step 1

Our audience

Before you write something for our site, you should probably have an idea of whom we write content for.

Lean Labs provides content for CEOs and CMOs who are looking to grow their businesses by being better.

While you'll find some content that appears to target marketers, that's no longer our goal. Articles focused on marketing tactics won't cut it anymore. Oh, and we refuse to publish cheap gimmicks. 

It's also important to note that we prefer working with tech and SaaS companies, so articles should be pertinent to this audience.


Bad Examples:

- The 7 Best Email Subject Lines for eCommerce Success

- 4 Crafty Techniques for Earning Testimonials that Shine

- How to Promote Your Holiday Sales to Increase Cart Value


Good Examples: 

- How Much Do Tech and SaaS Growth Strategies Cost?

- 5 Lethal Problems that Kill Most Growth Marketing Strategies

- 7-Step vs. 5-Step Sales Process: A Look at the Pros and Cons


Internal/external links

For internal links, by all means, use what you need across our site. If it's been published on our blog, it's fair game to use as a resource in your content. 

External links are a bit trickier. We're fine with links to external webpages (do-follow), so long as the content is valuable to our audience. This is subjective, and we reserve the right to remove any links we feel don't contribute to the overall benefit of the article. 

If you're just looking for somewhere to plug your website, don't worry, you can always include a link in your author byline. 

If you want to recommend content to level up some of our current posts, read the Resource Recommendations section below. 

You may not include affiliate links in your article.  


We love spicing up content with images and gifs, but to feature them in an article, they must be in the public domain or available through the Creative Commons. 

Sites like Unsplash and Pexels are useful resources. 


All blog posts on our site follow a similar structure. They have one H1 tag (the title), an intro, one H2, and the rest of the article uses H3s and H4s as necessary. Check out some of our articles to see the structure.

We'll help with formatting if needed, but we're more likely to accept articles that don't require a lot of editorial work on our part.

Resource Recommendations 

Often, companies or authors will reach out with resource links they'd recommend. We're pretty particular about the resources we link to in our content, so here's what we need if you're interested in us linking to your content: 

A short video that includes: 

  • Your domain name
  • Your website's Alexa rank 
  • Your mission/goal
  • How your content/resource can level up ours

Submit through the link below and we'll be in touch.

Other notes

By submitting an article to Lean Labs for publishing, you're acknowledging that all content is the author's original work and not published elsewhere. 

Once published, all content becomes the property of Lean Labs. We'll leave the content untouched unless you request updates, or if we find grammatical issues. 



Step 2

Ready to submit? You can find the form below:

Note- Please don't contact us asking about your submission. We're busy getting results for our clients and we'll get to your request as soon we can. Thanks!