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Kevin Barber | Head of Growth

Fri @ 3PM EST

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Book a 1-1 strategy session with Kevin Barber, Founder & Head of Growth at Lean Labs.
  • He will look at your business, your goals, and help you identify your gaps as well as the strategy to drive momentum in your business.
  • Now, rather than pay thousands for this consult (you really should be paying for this meeting)... If selected, you'll meet with Kevin for FREE and we'll simply record the meeting and take the insightful clips and share them out on social media afterwards.
  • Don't worry, no sensitive information or clips that might make you look bad will be shared.
    In fact, it will be virtually impossible to even tell who you are!
  • This is for founders and CMO's of companies doing at least $1M per year, looking for a pipeline of sales-ready leads to drive growth.