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Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” - Frank Zappa

Ariel Wiznia

About Ariel

I consider myself a hardworking person, always focused on greatness and delivering the best experience for the end user. I've always had passion for web design and development and started getting my hands dirty with it several years ago as a self learner. My main focus is frontend. Working with HTML, CSS and Javascript is what I love to do and I try to keep myself up to date with latest trends and technologies.


Years of frontend developer experience


Websites built and delivered


Years with Lean Labs

What you do (professionally)? I am just starting out as a senior frontend developer here at Lean Labs. I hope to produce high quality, well performing websites.

What makes you good at it (background / skills / traits)? I am a fast learner and I easily adapt to any challenge. When I first started doing web development, like many of us, I started learning by coding some of my family's own websites, and from then on, I never stopped until I became a full senior frontend developer. I have worked at a digital agency for 7 years, and a few years ago, I got myself into remote working, which completely changed my perspective on how a team works and interacts. As traveling taught me, having a multi-language border-free team opens your mind to different realities and broadens your communication skills.

Why you do it for Lean Labs? The first thing that really caught my eye when searching for a new job was the hiring process and the values the company had. It's not a common thing to have a job role where the first thing they ask you is to send a quick video about yourself and then chat with the actual CEO of the company and talk plain and simple about the role and what they expected of the candidate. I'm excited about my future here at Lean Labs!


  • Speaker at the first CSS Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Influential Books

  • Javascript The Good Parts - Douglas Crockford