Growth Marketer


“You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


About Marvin

Nice to meet you, I'm Marvin! I am a Growth Marketer by day, and a dancer, Disney fan, and designer by night. I am outgoing, dedicated, creative, and always looking to make each day a little brighter. I am passionate about helping others accomplish their goals, and am always happy to lend my expertise or experience where applicable.


Over 5 years working in Growth


Year with Lean Labs


Over 10 years working in Tech

What do you do (professionally)? I am on the Growth Marketing team here at Lean Labs.

What makes you good at it (background/skills/traits)? I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Communications but started my Tech career working in Sales. I've always centered my approach to Growth around being human-centric, and always looking to understand how people work, think, and operate. With my background in Dance, I'm able to lend my creative expertise to projects and campaigns, and I generally always like to bring fun wherever I go. Happy people do better work!

Why do you do it for Lean Labs? Lean Labs leads, and operates, with the same mentality that I do. Honesty, transparency, and with a genuine care for the people we work with, and for. Lean Labs walks the walk more than they talk, and it just felt like the right place to be for where I'm at in my life and my career.


Digital Marketer

  • Degree in Communications and Publishing


  • UX/UI Certification - BrainStation

Influential Books

  • Daring Greatly - Brené Brown
  • We Were Dreamers - Simu Liu