Build The Ultimate Growth Team

Train Your Sales and Marketing Team to Become Experts in Digital Marketing & Create an Unstoppable Growth Team.

What’s Holding Your Business Back?

Most companies don't lack a product. They lack customers. Symptoms that your product engine is working fine but your customer engine is holding you back include:

  • Lack of sales pipeline
  • Poor or unknown website conversion rate
  • Poor or lacking lead nurturing campaigns
  • Lack of performance in search engine rankings
  • Gaps in your marketing strategy or failure to plan

How do you become an expert in online marketing, and how do you ensure your entire team has the skills needed to drive results?

You could hire a digital marketing agency. Or, you could build your own sales and marketing growth team. You won't find sustainable growth without either a well trained agency or a well trained team executing daily on your company's behalf. The question is, which route is best for you?

The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


  • Established performance history and refined processes
  • They handle training and ongoing development costs
  • They make managing marketing WAY easier
  • Team is made up of highly experienced experts


  • The cost of each deliverable is higher
  • They will never know your brand like you do
  • They will always be an extension of your team, never part of it
  • Your success is only one of their objectives

Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agencies are best for brands who value expert inputs and guidance and aren't ready to develop and manage their own "in house agency" growth team.

Hire Us

The Pros & Cons of Developing Your Own Marketing Team


  • Knowledge of your brand
  • 100% focus on your company and goals
  • Generally lower cost per hour
  • Team member stability is often higher


  • Often distracted by internal projects and meetings
  • Often less experienced than a great agency team
  • Often behind on current marketing strategies and trends
  • Sometimes difficult to raise the bar from within

Should I Develop My Own Marketing Team

Developing Your Own Team is best for brands that are committed to not just building a team, but developing and evolving that team to agency caliber expertise and execution.

Build Your Growth Team

Often, brands start with an agency for a year or two and then want to develop their own team internally. We think this is the best of both worlds, but comes with a pretty big challenge:

How do you make your in house growth team as good or even better than the agency of experts you're looking to replace?

How do you ensure that your in-house growth team has the skills, systems, and processes to outperform the competition and gain marketshare? How do you not only achieve this, but maintain it for years of growth?



No longer should a company divide sales, marketing, or customer success. These seemingly separate roles, all work toward the same goals: gaining new customers and nurturing them. Thus, creating a "Growth Team" provides an effective new approach to traditional sales and marketing by combining the teams and allowing for transparency into process.



Everyone learns the 8 key disciplines of digital marketing, can talk the talk, and effectively implement digital marketing strategy across the board.

Train your team in:

  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition
  • Email Marketing
  • Social and Community Management
  • Search Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics & Data Science
  • Testing and Conversion Science
  • Conversion Funnels & Customer Value Optimization

How to Build Your Growth Team

Growth Team Roles & Responsibilities

Content Creation

  • Responsible for ideating, scheduling, and coordinating content (i.e. emails, web copy, CTA copy, ad copy, blog articles, white papers, videos).
  • Responsible for creating, editing, and posting content.
  • Responsible for managing social presence on appropriate channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Responsible for managing and creating onboarding content, FAQ's, and user manuals, etc.

Customer Acquisition

  • Responsible for ideating and executing both organic and paid traffic campaigns.
  • Understanding of Google Analytics, SEO, site conversion goals and campaigns.
  • Creating the buyer Journey, marketing funnels, and strategy for each stage.
  • Responsible for tracking KPIs (key performance indicators) and reporting.


  • Responsible for prospecting and selling product/service
  • Responsible for maximizing revenue generated from customer lists and online properties.
  • Responsible for reactivation campaigns via email, offers, ads.
  • Responsible for strategic testing for maximizing conversion rates.


  • Responsible for onboarding new customers
  • Responsible for customer support, and gathering success stories/feedback
  • Responsible for notifying team of upsell opportunities

Your Growth Team should be made up specialized generalists who have been cross-trained to understand how the whole team works, but are uniquely specialized in their specific role. Everyone relies on information from everyone else to do their job well. This is why we recommend cross-training between departments.

Ideally, each Growth Team member should understand how their role fits into the overall picture. At this point, you may be wondering...

How It Works

We recommend DigitalMarketer’s online courses. We use them to train our team, and find them highly effective.

Digital Marketing Mastery Intensive

For high growth teams that want to level up quickly, the Digital Marketing Mastery Intensive course is ideal. This 12-week course provides an intensive online classroom setting, office hours, and an experienced certified Digital Marketing trainer to keep your team on track.

The Digital Marketing Mastery Intensive guarantees that your entire team gets certified in all 8 core disciplines of digital marketing in just 12 weeks. This option is best for companies who are serious about investing in a rapid transformation of their Growth Team. Pricing starts at $4995 per team member.

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DigitalMarket HQ courses

For teams looking for a more self-paced option, access to DigitalMarket HQ courses provide the exact courses as the intensive, just without the instructor. For $295 per month businesses can provide access to all 8 digital marketing courses for up to 5 team members.

Learn More About DigitalMarketer's Courses

DigitalMarketer Lab

Finally, if you’re just starting out on your growth path, and aren’t sure which program to choose, you can sign up for a subscription to DigitalMarketer Lab. Here you will find excellent resources, templates, and guides to propel you forward into the field of online marketing. Pricing starts at $37 per month.

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Flexible & Affordable

Investing in your growth team will grow your business and improve your overall online marketing and sales performance. While we highly suggest the Digital Marketing Mastery Intensive for high growth teams that want to level-up quickly, we realized that not every company will be able to invest 5k into each team member. Both the intensive and self-paced courses, save your business money due to the digital format. The business does not have to reimburse plane tickets, hotel rooms, or meals for a conference halfway around the country.

All mastery programs are 100 percent digital and can be accessed via laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

To learn more about the benefits of DigitalMarketer’s courses, get our free preview guide.

The Secret Ingredient


Yes, ongoing education and courses are great - and your team will definitely appreciate you footing the bill for their continued education and growth. However, without an accountability coach, or instructor, to keep your team on track, they may never finish what they start. Investing in your team only benefits your company if they actually take the courses and learn how to become better at their job. 

In our experience, it takes quite a bit of work to implement training, manage the people taking the course, and guide the team through the training and implementation process. As the CEO, CMO, or team lead, you probably don't have time to facilitate office hours, create a training schedule, or hold progress check-ins. From our own experience, implementing training for our entire team, we found that working with an accountability coach proved effective in ensuring each team member completed tasks, goals, and the courses on an outlined timeline, and achieved certification. 

You can make all of the best training available to your team - but most teams will default to feeling too busy to completing it. The key is to make it a priority. Whether you hold your team accountable to growth or someone else does, having quarterly objective that tie growth and skills to growth and compensation needs to be part of the mindset and culture of your organization.

For brands that know this is right, but feel too busy to manage it internally, we provide accountability coaches for all brands that sign up for training through Marketing Muscle. 

Get the Digital Marketing Mastery Preivew to find out more about Digital Marketing courses that you and your team can use to level-up fast.