Let's Craft The Buyer Journey

Download Our Buyer Journey Templates
Crafting the Buyer Journey

We're making a version of the same strategy and buyer journey templates that we use in our client strategy work available for download.

All we ask is that you don't make them available to others or take credit for them as if they were created by you. Fair enough? 

What can I do with these templates?

The templates we're providing are the same customer templates that we use when doing strategy work with our clients.

Now, they're only templates. They won't do the thinking for you. However if you've ever wondered if your persona docs asked the right question, or how to position your features and benefits in a way that matters to customers, then these templates are going to serve you well.

What's included?

  • Our version of the Lean Business Model Canvas
  • Our 1-Page Customer Personas
  • Our Value Proposition Map
  • Our Buyer Journey Overview


Download our Templates