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The proven strategy we use to scale growth by 10x in 36 months

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What is a lean growth blueprint?

We used to fill out proposals for all our prospective clients. We would propose a price and project scope, the new client would agree, and we would get to work. That’s how all agencies did it, and a lot still do it that way today.

It’s a dumb thing to do.

We decided to try a new tactic. Instead of sending boiler-plate proposals like everyone else, we would dive deep from day one.

We decided to offer our next client to just jump right into building a strategy for growth, kind of like a one-off project. They paid for it, obviously, but there were no long-term commitments. If they liked the strategy, they could hire us to deliver it. They could also take the strategy and implement it themselves. 

And, it worked like gangbusters!

Now, most of our long-term clients start with a lean growth blueprint.


What’s included in the lean growth blueprint?

Every blueprint takes a unique shape based on your brand, challenges, competitive landscape, and stage of growth. But, every blueprint includes the following:

  1. Messaging & conversion strategy
  2. Buyer journey website information architecture
  3. A platform & technical plan
  4. A website design & development plan
  5. Marketing & sales service level agreements (SLAs) to align all teams on growth
  6. A clear budget & timeline for implementation

We could not have asked for a better partner than Lean Labs. They have tremendous energy and knowledge, and have really propelled Atlantech Online's marketing efforts.”

Atlantech Online, Inc. - Ed Fineran, Owner

How much does the lean growth blueprint cost

We don’t do cookie-cutter. Every blueprint is different, based on the needs and growth stage of the client. Pricing starts at $6,000. Just be advised, this does not include the implementation and execution of the strategy. There is no long-term commitment - you can work with us to execute or let your in-house team do the heavy lifting. There is no pressure.

Frequently asked questions


How much does a lean growth blueprint cost?

Prices start at $6,000 and go up, depending on the needs and growth stage of your company. Are there good alternatives? Possibly, we'll explore that on our call.


How much does it cost to hire Lean Labs to execute the strategy?

That depends as well. We’re flexible and lean, and we can tailor fit an engagement that fits both your goals and budget. For more information, check how we work.


What will be required of me to get a blueprint?

We get it; you’re busy. The last thing we want to do is bombard you with meetings and calls. However, we’re not experts in your industry, and we don’t have historical insight into your brand, your culture, and growth blockers.

The blueprint process takes three weeks, which is faster and leaner than any RFP process can be, with much less risk. We will ask you for six total meetings to gather brand information, sales and marketing insights, and to align stakeholders on a clear “done together” blueprint for growth.

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