Discover the hidden processes and strategies we use to 10X our clients' growth in 36 months

The Growth Playbook is a FREE proven step-by-step guide to planning, budgeting and accelerating your company’s growth. Here’s what you’ll get:

Lead generation toolbox - Exclusive resource package with effective lead magnet creation fundamentals

Growth marketing strategy kit - Powerful framework to help you move all six levers of growth

High converting website - Learn how to build a website that drives revenue for your organization

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Watch the video to learn how the Growth Playbook can help you scale growth from Kevin Barber, CEO of Lean Labs.


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The only Growth Marketing Guide you’ll ever need


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The Lead Generation Resource Pack

Learn the four characteristics that make up great lead magnets.

Build the foundational infrastructure required to generate leads at scale.

Create lead magnets that drive actual revenue and growth.


The Growth Marketing Strategy Kit

Achieve massive organic traffic increases

Generate high-quality leads for sales to close

Build a strategy around metrics that are the true drivers of growth

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The anatomy of high-converting websites

Create the right message and deliver it to the right person at the right time

Build a set of flexible design modules to have visual consistency

Use data and structured tests to deliver continual growth.

Bonus: tutorial video series

We’ll walk you through the exact process of using the Growth Playbook to create and scale your growth strategy.
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"In just six months, we generated 36,000+ page views per month and 1,000+ organic leads per month."

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"Lean Labs enabled 740% revenue growth and our quarter-ver-quarter growth has been incredible."

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