Marketing Milestones

How to use this tool

The Marketing Milestones guide is a simple yet powerful tool. It enables you to look inwardly to honestly evaluate your most important marketing activities. By being honest with yourself, you can begin to prioritize and set up a game plan to fill your gaps and climb the marketing mountain.

Developing Marketing Milestones is not as simple as plugging some data into a formula that spits out your game plan in prioritized phases that you can act upon. In order to properly map out Marketing Milestones, we have to dive into your goals, areas where you excel and areas where you need improvement.

As such, the first step of this Marketing Milestones guide is a quick self-evaluation. Step 2 involves our team digging into the information you provided, looking at your website and current online marketing activities, then providing you with our recommendations, game plan and phases that you can follow.

Step 1 of this guide takes approximately 4 minutes to complete. Step 2 mostly involves us and can be delivered to you via email and/or a phone call if you'd rather talk.