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Project Playbook

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The value of Lean Labs includes two key parts:

#1: The value of the services we provide.

#2: The value of what your company accomplishes as a result.

Project Playbook

Table of contents

Responsive Web Design

Lean Launch Rocket

Lean Labs


Build & launch a quality site in just 72 hours.

Lean Launch Rocket is a high-quality MVP web solution. A custom site to make your brand glow, for companies who want to start pre-selling today.

Best for Companies Who Want to:

Launch a startup via a polished lead gen site

Validate ideas on a minimal budget

Find out what motivates customers

Build a mailing list or lead list

UX Design Blueprint


Strategically planned and expertly detailed design prototype & website revamp blueprint.

The UX Design Blueprint enables companies to execute a top-shelf redesign without the uncertainty whether you’re building the right solution.

In 30 days...

We Document:

  • Your Goals
  • Customer Personas
  • Competitor Analysis

We Deliver:

  • Lean UX Design Blueprint
  • New Sitemap + Wireframes
  • Prototype Homepage

Minimal Risk:

  • If our design blueprint is not the right direction for your site, we'll refund your money.


from $7,000

An engaging, high conversion, extendable website on a bootstrapper's budget.

A top shelf (one-page) website that makes other startups drool. Designed and delivered in 45 days.


  • Project Strategy & Objectives
  • Customer UVP Canvas
  • Content Coach
  • Sitemap & Wireframes
  • Design & Coding of Killer Homepage
  • Landing Pg & Thank You Pg
  • Full Suite of Analysis Tools
  • Lean Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Personas
  • 30 Day Checkup - Free

Available Add-Ons:

  • Wordpress or HubSpot CMS
  • Split Testing Bliss
  • Multiple Offers
  • Content CoPilot
  • Responsive Blog
  • Ecommerce Direct Purchase

Works Great For:

  • New Product Launches
  • Lean Startups
  • Small Businesses
  • Speakers, Authors, Writers
  • Freelancers & Solopreneurs




$16,000 - $20,000

Vastly improve your website. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you need to improve your existing website to take your brand to the next level? Improve delivers a solid brand experience on a realistic budget.

Sites We’ve IMPROVED:

Bulletproof Designs

Bulletproof Designs

Hileman Collection

The Hileman Collection



Top-tier responsive design. An engaging, high conversion web solution.

When "good enough" is not good enough, you need to impress. This solution is for brands who want to be in the top tier for brand image and user experience.

Clients We’ve Impressed:

Lean Labs

Lean Labs

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy


~$40,000 +

A brand experience second to none. Top-shelf web solutions for deserving brands.

We pull out all the stops and deliver our very best work. Quality: 10/10. Satisfaction guaranteed.




Hampshire Hotels

Hampshire Hotels

Growth Driven Design


$1,500 - $3,500/mo

Most companies assume that having an expert team of designers, developers, and marketers available on demand is unaffordable and simply unrealistic.

Not With Lean Labs

Deserving brands can engage Lean Labs on a 100% flexible month-to-month subscription designed for the purpose of making continuous improvements to your website. When your website is maintained and advanced on a regular basis, it won't need to be re-designed nearly as often. Each month you set the priority objective(s) and we go to work to achieve them. Growth Driven Design clients receive VIP treatment and experience little waiting. Note: Supply is limited for these services. We reserve this service offering for our most deserving clients.

Inbound Marketing

Helpful Chat


Sometimes you just need an expert opinion.

Have a chat with our CEO about your startup or company objective. Ask questions. Get advice. Straightforward feedback and actionable insights from an Internet Marketing veteran.

30 minute chat, free of charge.


  • No sales pitches
  • Agenda sent in advance

Marketing Blueprint


Strategically planned and expertly detailed inbound marketing blueprint.

Test the water before you dive in. The Inbound Marketing Blueprint was designed to de-risk hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency. We’re so confident that you’ll love what we bring you, we back our blueprint with a money back guarantee.

In 30 days...

We Document:

  • Your Goals
  • Extensive Customer Research
  • Competitor Analysis

We Deliver:

  • Complete Inbound Strategy / Blueprint
  • Sample Blog Posts
  • Prototype Offer & Landing Page

Whether you start with the blueprint or with an inbound marketing services agreement, we always create and deliver a complete marketing strategy in the first 30 days.

Marketing Advisor

$1,000 - $2,000/mo

Lean Labs can help coach and advise your marketing team into higher performance on a modest budget.

This flexible service is structured on a quarterly subscription basis. It is only available to clients using HubSpot.

Compass: $1,000/mo

  • Weekly huddles for progress, plans, and problems.
  • Training & coaching of our proven process.
  • We'll take lead on creating monthly strategies.
  • We'll review, correct, and coach your team every month.
  • Calendar, Copywriting, Workflows, CTA's, Design, Code, Analytics, SEO: All in scope of Q&A

Essentially we'll help you know what to do, how to do it, and we'll help you rapidly improve.

Coach: $1,500/mo

  • All of the benefits of "Compass", plus:
  • Double the time available for content coaching.
  • Access to our head Inbound Marketing Artist for strategy & more
  • Access to our CEO for lean business & marketing strategies
  • Additional scope of conversation is your Business & Marketing Strategy

We're your strategic partner, helping to develop your marketing team.

CoPilot: $2,000/mo

  • All of the benefits of "Coach", plus:
  • Access to our designers, coders, marketers for help with tasks
  • We'll help improve your brand experience, which includes improving your blog, your homepage, landing pages, or premium offers
  • Slideshares, Infographics, eBook covers, homepage improvement: We can help!

We'll help develop your marketing team + we'll fill their gaps to make them more effective.


$4,000 - $10,000/mo

Turn strangers into visitors. Visitors into leads. Leads into customers. Customers into advocates.

Making the transition from traditional marketing to inbound is best made with a mentor who can deliver initial results and equip your company with everything it needs to take over when ready. You set the pace and budget, and we build a strategy to suit.

Inbound Deliverables

Expert Strategy:

  • Rolling Marketing Calendar with Monthly Huddles
  • Lead Nurturing at Each Step of the Buying Journey
  • Constant Review & Reporting of Results

Top Shelf Marketing:

  • Blog Posts, eBooks, Case Studies
  • Infographics, Slideshares, Webinars, Videos
  • Landing Pages, Workflows,

Mastermind Partner


Ever wanted an Internet Marketing advisor? Does your board of directors need strategic advice? Looking for actionable insidghts from the trenches of a specialized agency? Hire our CEO as your Mastermind Partner.

  • Includes a weekly (or monthly) mastermind call (or board meeting), including a review of metrics and a report of actionable insights after the meeting.
  • Try us risk-free - your first session is free.
  • What's the value of the right idea?
  • What's the value of the right approach to implementing the right idea?

About the author

Kevin Barber

Kevin Barber is the Founder and Director of Lean Labs. At Lean Labs Kevin defines the vision, strategy, and resources that enable us to achieve our clients objectives through Responsive Web Design, and Inbound Marketing. Kevin is an entrepreneur of over 15 years. He values being spiritually grounded and living a principled life focused on family and serving others. His interests include: Cycling, Motorcycling, Boating, Homesteading, Family Life, everything Entrepreneurial, and talking with motivated/driven people.

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