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The Lead Generation Resource Pack

Step 01

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Module 01: the value ladder & brand narrative

In this module we rethink the role of a lead magnet from simple lead acquisition to lead acquisition PLUS activation in line with the buyer journey.

Module 02: the 4 characteristics of great lead magnets

In this module, we dive into the four characteristics that make up great lead magnets. If your lead magnet does not have these four characteristics, conversion rates will suffer significantly. 

Module 03: the lead generation toolbox

The fundamentals of website lead generation

In this module, we look at the foundational infrastructure required to generate leads at scale. 

Module 04: lead generation and the six levers of growth

Nothing matters if you don't drive meaningful growth.

In this module, we discuss pitfalls that hold lead generation back. If your lead magnet does not help you move all six levers of growth, it will not help drive actual growth as well as it could.