HubSpot Memberships Use Cases with 4 Examples (Clone)

Written by Samantha McCollough / August 5, 2021

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This new tool has changed the game for membership portals.

Simply password-protecting your membership pages isn’t enough in 2021. When your website members view your content, they want a personalized experience with relevant information. HubSpot CMS' new Membership feature allows you to deliver personalized content in a portal customized for them. 

This new ‘Memberships’ feature within the HubSpot CMS allows you to create membership-based content that customizes the content display for each member. Without personalized content in your membership portals, your members might keep searching for information that is more relevant to them.

Let’s review the top four ways that HubSpot Memberships help further nurture, convert, and engage your website members. By the end of this article, you will be able to see how HubSpot Memberships fit into your business. 


HubSpot Memberships Use Cases That Enhance User Experience

Your members are individually differentiated based on their characteristics, interests, and skill level. Isn’t it time they experience personalized content on your website that is as unique as they are?

HubSpot Memberships use the functionality of ‘HubSpot lists’ within the Content Management System (CMS) to differentiate your prospects and clients into segments. Once you’ve segmented your current audience and automated the process for your future visitors, the next step is to create differentiated content. HubSpot Memberships allow you to curate content specifically for particular segments, so every membership page is personalized.

Recent research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase when a brand offers a personalized experience to them. With a Memberships portal, your clients will enjoy a customized experience which in turn helps with lead nurturing. 

To use Memberships, HubSpot offers the CMS Enterprise subscription. The subscription includes the ability to build powerful web app experiences, be in control of your content, and extend your brand’s reach. Some of the CMS functionalities include a drag-and-drop editor, SEO optimization, A/B testing, serverless functions, reverse proxy configurations, code alerts, and adaptive testing.

If you’re ready to get started on HubSpot CMS and get access to all the perks of HubSpot, schedule a HubSpot strategy call with one of our HubSpot specialists. Once you’re set up on HubSpot you can try out these HubSpot Memberships use cases for your business.

Digital Products

Email marketing and instant downloads have been the primary ways of delivering digital products to customers for years. The main downfall of these delivery methods is that each one limits lead nurturing.

For e-books delivered via email, once your recipient downloads the e-book, you depend on them reaching out to you or for them to keep opening your emails. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your e-book is instantly being read; e-books are often bookmarked to read at a later time. An alternative to this situation is using HubSpot Memberships to create a membership portal to deliver your digital products.

Your interaction with a potential member would begin with an opt-in form collecting their email address or more information. Once that potential member fills out some contact information on your website, they will have access to their digital product. This information will trigger HubSpot to use list segmentation and add them to one of your lists. In turn, this will automatically customize their dashboard based on the preferences you have set.

When a website visitor opts in for your ebook, they become a member and are added to your ebook list. This alters their membership page to include their ebook content. If they opt-in to receive a checklist as well, then their dashboard will also include their checklist content. Every time you set up a HubSpot list for a new piece of content, you are automating the process of delivering your members’ content. It’s a win-win situation; your members instantly receive your helpful content and you had to only set it up once.

Within their membership dashboards, you can personalize your members’ experiences even further. They can be welcomed by their name, and you can personalize their experience based on the information they provided during the opt-in process. For example, by receiving their location information, you can recommend in-person events hosted by your company near them or recommend connecting with a local rep. 

By signing into their membership portal, they are not only bringing traffic to your site and providing you with analytical data - but they are also creating a habit. Those members are returning to your site and are more likely to convert further. Using the Memberships portal can benefit your company by enhancing user experience, automating lead nurturing, and improving conversion rates.

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Community Areas

Creating a community can have a substantial impact on your business’s success. The benefits of creating an online community include higher engagement, customer loyalty, customer retention, improved reputation, thought leadership, crowdsourcing, and improved customer insights.

With HubSpot Memberships, creating gated content is only the beginning. By customizing your community areas based on individual community members’ interests, you can create a completely personalized experience where users can interact with others in the space. Out of all the HubSpot Memberships use cases, this is by far the most interactive.

Utilizing a membership portal goes a step further than a private forum. You can offer exclusive perks to particular super-fan members and offer exclusive access to online events and products. This level of customization within your community areas helps create a sense of community and unity, while also offering exclusivity.

Along with creating exclusivity and community, your HubSpot Memberships portal can also offer access to premium content. For example, if a member joins your community for free, you can let them preview your paid content at the bottom of their dashboard and prompt them to “unlock” that content. This helps convert existing members into your sales funnel and gives you the opportunity for recurring income streams and automated lead nurturing.

Online Classes

When hosting an online class, you want your students’ experience to be as easy and seamless as possible. Utilizing a membership portal accomplishes that and more.

The HubSpot Memberships portal can serve as a dashboard for registered classes. Using HubSpot’s automated functionalities, when your client registers for an online class, their dashboard can automatically be updated with their class information.

Additionally, once a client registers for a class, you can customize their HubSpot Memberships portal experience based on their interests. For example, if someone is interested in an online class about a particular topic, you can use HubSpot lists to nurture them further. Putting your customer segmentation strategy to work, HubSpot can segment them into a list that will recommend another class they may be interested in. This customization enhances their experience but also helps your conversion rates.

An example of this would be offering a low-priced class to a member who has registered for a free online class. While they are completing the low-priced class, you can offer them a high-ticket masterclass that will give them access to expert professionals and premium material. By building out your marketing and sales funnels and incorporating it into your Memberships portal, you can increase your conversions through lead nurturing that feels organic and natural to your members.

Learning Management System

Taking online classes one step further, HubSpot Memberships also offers a Learning Management System (LMS). A Learning Management System is software that enables your online course attendees to see their course progress and manage their learning content. Utilizing a Learning Management System is essential if you are launching an online course.

HubSpot Memberships offer the Learning Management System to help deliver customized information directly to your online course attendees. Based on the information your course attendees submit during the opt-in process, you can customize the content recommendations in their dashboard.

For example, if an attendee is already a high-level manager in their field, you can grey out the 101 information about their industry within the course. Another option would be to offer additional relevant products in their dashboard based on their location, level of expertise, or other interests.

The Learning Management System is an excellent feature for any business looking to launch an online course. Among other benefits, a distinct advantage over your competitors is the ability to manage your website and your online course from the same platform. Utilizing HubSpot’s various software solutions, including HubSpot Memberships, you can centralize your company’s information.

HubSpot’s products include solutions for your analytics, website, blog content, social media, customer service, sales software, marketing automation, email marketing, operations management, and now your online course management. 

Get Started With HubSpot

HubSpot Memberships is a powerful feature offered with the CMS. In addition to the Memberships portal, there are many ways to utilize HubSpot to improve your business processes. With many products available to centralize your marketing, sales, operations, and content management, it’s essential to know which solutions are right for your business today. Schedule a free consultation with one of our HubSpot Specialists to see which software solutions are right for your business needs.