I’m a well-rounded Digital/Inbound Marketer with an entrepreneurial background. I owned my own photography business for a decade before launching a series of internet startups. In the process of those launches, I fell in love with the marketing and have pursued Inbound Marketing for seven years. If I’m not reading, thinking, writing, growing, and having a chuckle while doing it, I’m not a happy guy.

Where I live:

I live (next to my in-laws) in Johnson City, Tennessee. It’s a town of 60,000 (just the right size) in the heart of the Appalachians.

What I love doing (when not at work):

Family. My wife and I were married in 1995. She’s the only girl I ever dated. We have three teenage daughters and one baby girl (adopted). I often combine two other “loves” by hiking while listening to audiobooks by George MacDonald, an under-appreciated 19th century fantasy writer, novelist, and theologian.

What you do (professionally)

I contribute to both the Inbound and Growth-Driven Design teams at Lean Labs. Basically, that means I get to do all the fun stuff - strategize, create, write, analyze, and optimize.

What makes you good at it?

I’m naturally curious, logical, and creative. 

Why do you do it for Lean Labs?

I love the way this company is run. Value over profit. No fluff, just results. Incentivized excellence.


  • HubSpot Certified Content Marketer
  • HubSpot Certified Growth-Driven Design
  • HubSpot Certified Inbound Sales
  • HubSpot Certified Email Marketer
  • HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketer
  • Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist - Digital Marketer
  • Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist - Digital Marketer
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • IBM Marketing Cloud Integrations
  • IBM Marketing Cloud Professional
  • Kentico Certified Marketer
  • MECLABS Online Testing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords & Video

Influential Books

  • Made To Stick - The Heath Brothers
  • Everybody Writes - Ann Handley
  • Content Rules - Ann Handley
  • How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  • How To Think - Alan Jacobs
  • On Writing - Stephen King