I’m a creative problem solver with a firm grip on visual, interaction and responsive web design. Fluent in HTML & CSS, practicing standards, agile UX, accessibility, performance and growth driven design.

Where you live? Ibiza, a small Spanish island in the middle of the mediterranean ocean. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, I've lived and worked all over. From London to San Francisco.

What you love doing? I love being outdoors and on the water. Hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, scuba diving, surfing. When not outdoors i’m either reading a book or spinning records.

What you do? I specialise in design. Involved from kickoff call through to launch and everything in between. If i’m not sketching out ideas, wireframes or mockups, I’ve got my sleeves rolled up and my head in a code editor.

What makes you good at it? I have a creative yet strategic mind that loves to solve puzzles. I take a mindful approach to design, ever open to new ideas. Lean principles allow me to quickly pivot and push forward without getting weighed down in the weeds of uncertainty.

Why do you do it for Lean Labs? Mojo - We’re all great at our jobs. Freedom - My schedule is my own. i can work at home, on the road, in airports etc.Transparency - From day one, all cards on the table.