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“Be grateful - yet unsatisfied”

kevin barber

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I started Lean Labs to prove by action that by focusing on great work rather than size, success stories rather than revenue, buyer journey and go to market strategy rather than templates, and partnering with clients rather than going from project to project will create more success for both our clients and our company.


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EZ Texting
The Predictive Index
High Fidelity
CampaignDrive by Pica9

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You can't "do" growth. You can only become a brand that deserves growth. We help companies develop high conversion websites with clear product positioning and a compelling brand narrative that drives profitable customer acquisition.


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Over the years I’ve delivered websites for hundreds of brands. Some of them saw exponential growth. But to be brutally honest, a lot of the websites I designed or developed achieved only mediocre results. In 2013 I made the decision to draw a line in the sand.

Companies looking for “good enough” are no longer good enough. We are looking for opportunities to do our best work, even stretch ourselves, and help deserving brands become remarkable. We now focus on traction, experience and scale in all of our services. If a client isn’t looking to 10x their results, they’re not a good fit for Lean Labs.

I’ve delivered hundreds of websites since I launched my first agency in 2002. Some went huge, others went nowhere. The deciding difference was how customer centric the site was, how well the buyer journey generated leads and delivered ready to buy customers, and how well they could grow traffic to the website.

Today we only accept clients who are ready to deliver a brand experience that their customers will love. I’m inspired by companies that not only want to get bigger, they're seeking to become remarkable. It's not work when we're helping a company become awesome in the eyes of its customers.


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