Stephen Coursen

In 2017, I moved from the mountains surrounding the Central Valley of Costa Rica in Central America back to Kansas, where I was born and raised (Crazy, I know!). When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 4 children, reading (non-fiction), and fixing broken stuff, just about anything from small engines to kitchen sinks (think Mr. Fix-It in blue tights and a red cape). I'm an avid shooter (archery, pistol, shotgun, and rifle). Lately, I've been on a repair and rebuild old guns kick. Interesting how hobbies change over time...

I’m the Head of Operations for Lean Labs, so I jockey project management and bookkeeping. I like organization, scheduling, and predictability. To me, there is nothing like creating good systems and implementing them. I’ve been Operations Manager for 3 successful businesses in the past.

I met Kevin, the owner of Lean Labs, while I was living in Costa Rica. We came to realize Lean Labs could use my abilities and increase my skills at the same time. It’s been great!

I’ve been a devoted convert of Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth” since I first read it back in 1996. Michael’s vision for documented, standardized work and processes has become my vocational quest.

Since joining Lean Labs, I’ve been drinking the Inbound Kool-Aid and am now Inbound Certified. I've also developed my marketing repertoire with 4 Digital Marketer certifications.