What Is Lean?

LEAN is a customer-focused methodology for innovation, a continuous innovation that is both effective and efficient. LEAN is built with a single principle:

Drive value for customers


Lean Vs Waterfall

Lean makes rapid and continuous improvements towards the goal of delivering value, driven by customer feedback.

Waterfall processes attempt to make a giant leap towards the same goal, but with ideas based largely upon assumptions.



LEAN uses rapid and frequent feedback cycles to gather requirements, test ideas, and innovate more effectively.

LEAN answers the most important questions early on, like: What do my customers value?, Will this idea entice more customers to buy?, How do we manage timeframe and costs?

LEAN innovations uncover what customers need, want, and value. By first discovering what thrills your customers, you can innovate effectively to produce maximum value and satisfaction.


LEAN is driven by attention to process, not outcome. Consider this: Top shelf athletes focus on mastering the fundamentals so that when the big play happens, they perform at their peak.

LEAN companies master the fundamentals of innovation. Perfection of process eliminates risk and waste. It reduces revision, lowers time to live, and makes your team more effective.

The LEAN Process increases quality and value, yet lowers the cost of achieving it.LEAN Innovation is measured in value, time to live, and eliminating waste.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker

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