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Growth Strategies

Companies grow bigger by getting better. Getting better starts with a plan, and this is where a lot of companies get it wrong.

Creating detailed project plans before you build or test anything is counterproductive to results. The entire strategy is based upon assumptions. If one or more assumptions are proven false, the entire project may fail.

This is unacceptable, and there's a better way.

Lean Labs develops growth strategies for its clients that are not laden with risk and assumptions. We intelligently incubate, validate, and implement ideas early and often. Faster time-to-live means measured results more quickly. This lays the foundation for rapid innovation.



Responsive Web Design

Remarkable web design is invisible. It zooms right past beautiful and fully engages you in the experience before you even realize what hit you. How do we deliver spectacular user experience for every user?

3 Words: Responsive Web Design.

It's important today and essential tomorrow.



Inbound Marketing

Internet Marketing enables your company to stop pitching and start engaging.

Inbound marketing involves processes to atract and nurture visitors by providing helpful and valuable content addressing their pains, fears, needs, and wants. These processes turn visitors into leads, leads into friends, and friends into customers. Creating valuable content nurtures leads through the buyers' journey at a natural pace, until they are scored and designated as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Marketing Automation then allows us to nurture and qualify MQLs into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). 

This automated process can be A/B tested and improved over time to create a website optimized to convert as much traffic into customers as possible, on a growing month-over-month scale. Once customers are converted, the same system of providing valuable content, tailored for the customer, assists in turning customers into brand promoters, who will accelerate the growth of your company through their personal networks.


Lean resources

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