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Over the past several years, the use of mobile devices and tablets to access the Internet has rose exponentially.  2013 saw the biggest surge in mobile web browsing to date.

2014 is set to be the first year that mobile and tablets surpass desktop as the means of accessing the Internet. Consider the momentums shift mobile that's we've observed for one of our ecommerce clients:

  • 2010: 95% desktop, 4% mobile, 1% tablet
  • 2011: 90% desktop, 7% mobile, 3% tablet
  • 2012: 80% desktop, 11% mobile, 9% tablet
  • 2013: 64% desktop, 22% mobile, 14% tablet
  • Nov. 2013 Alone: 59% desktop, 26% mobile, 15% tablet

It's only going to be a matter of months until desktop browsing is overtaken by mobile and tablet users.

Is a similar trend happening in your business?

This eBook will explain exactly how the trend to mobile is affecting Internet Marketing in 2014 and beyond, and how to prepare your website to delvier an optimum experience to users regardless of the device they're using.  

The answer for many businesses is to implement a responsive web design. We'll show you how to evaluate your website to see if you'd benefit from a responsive design, as well as how to calculate the ROI you'll receive from the transition.  We'll explain alternatives to responsive web design as well as the best practices and process of creating a responsive website.  

Lean Labs is a responsive web design agency.  We'll demonstrate the pros and cons of moving to a responsive web design as well as demonstrate how it has worked for our clients.

Before you adopt a responsive web design based upon assumptoins of how it may impact your business, downloading this ebook will enable you to self assess your need for a responsive web site as well as give you strategy tips for beginning the process.

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