48 Days helps high potential people find their true passion and the work they love. While net promoter scores were through the roof, sales were not. We were asked for the brand/marketing strategy that would turn things around.

  • Year
  • 2014
  • Duration
  • 5 Weeks
  • Responsiblities
  • Customer Research
  • Business Model Audit
  • Brand Experience
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design

Our objective

Only weeks before the best-selling book, "48 Days to the Work you Love," had its 10th anniversary re-release, we were asked for a branding+marketing strategy to take 48 Days beyond 2015.

Dan Miller, founder and lead author at 48 Days is a well-loved and respected career coach, life coach, and coach to coaches. Dan has helped more people find their passion than anyone else we can think of.

Even so, 48 Days sales and marketing was not keeping up with expectations. We were asked to take a deep dive into their business, find out what needed to change, and develop a strategy to change it.

After comprehensive research and audits, interviews and discovery, we created a marketing blueprint for 48 Days.

This strategy session went well beyond a redesign of their website. It amounted to a revamp of their entire brand experience, and a strategy blueprint for future marketing.

In 30 intensive days we delivered 48 Days the most detailed design and marketing blueprint we've ever created. We can't wait to see what they do with it!

After more than 20 years in business, I knew our 48 Days brand and site needed a fresh face. And that’s how all the website “designers” approached it. Then I talked with Kevin and the gang from Lean Labs.

Instead of coming in with dainty paint brushes to give us a new look, they showed up with work boots and shovels – ready to question every process built on years of habit, every system that had seemed convenient and every customer that was screaming for attention.

The result was truly a “blueprint;” not just a new coat of paint but a ground-up model for transforming our business. The model we were given feels like a fresh start for a very established business. The team at Lean Labs is brilliant, with a unique sense of how to build deep, trusted relationships with our customers while increasing profitability.”
Dan Miller, President

Project Priorities

1First Priority Research their business, their marketing, and their customers.
2Second Priority Document and deliver a clear plan to revamp their website.
3Third Priority Consult 48 Days on how to construct a high conversion buyer journey, highlighting the right marketing activities to produce results.

How we did it

1. Define Objectives

A deep dive into your business model, your goals and requirements, and audits of your site, marketing assets, and competitors.

2. Customer R&D

Customer development starts with buyer personas and value proposition canvases, and ends with creation of the buying journey.

3. Frame

Information architecture covers site map and page flow, while wireframes frame the structure of the site.

4. Story

Engaging content, unique value propositions, compelling offers, converting calls to action, and nurturing workflows.

5. Style

Moodboards, style tiles, fonts, colors, and brand assets all come together in your brand's style guide.

6. Create

Mobile first design progressively enhances the experience as you step up from mobile to tablet to desktop.

7. Responsive HTML

Fully responsive HTML5 templates are built to impress users on all devices, then migrated to the marketing platform of choice.

8. Inbound Marketing

Educate 48 Days on the Inbound Marketing tactics they need to implement. Show them how to accomplish their goals with a lean marketing team.

The value of working with Lean-Labs is immeasurable. When you work with them, they don't simply give you a cookie-cutter approach or follow a to-do list. They step into your company and explore every room.

They invest wholeheartedly in the process and strategize with a clear vision that is both analytically sound and aesthetically pleasing. If you want a cheap and basic website, these are not your people.

If you want a purpose behind your site and an online presence that intuitively speaks to your specific audience and wows them into lifetime followers/customers, walk through the process with Lean-Labs.”
Ashley Logsdon, Director of Development

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