Lean Labs delivered a top shelf brand experience concept to Hampshire Hotels, the hotel management experts.

  • Year
  • 2014
  • Duration
  • 4 Weeks
  • Responsiblities
  • User Experience
  • Brand Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Front-end Design

Our objective

Hampshire Hotels is reinventing itself after recruiting new leadership, like industry icon Eric Danziger. Our job was to deliver a top-shelf brand experience concept.

Hampshire Hotels Management delivers lifestyle hotel experience and hotel brand transformations. With new leadership in place, it was time to bring the the brand experience offered in their hotels to their own website.

Engagement starts with compelling content, so we were sure to put Hampshire's UVP front and center, leading with the most compelling assets Hampshire has in its arsenal.

We included inbound marketing tactics in our strategy from day one, which, with Hampshire's immense experience and brand assets, was a great fit. So much of Hampshire's model is about delighting customers, they instantly saw the value of doing the same with their marketing. Thus, Inbound strategy abounds in this design.

Working with Mike Cowell to deliver the design concept was a highly collaborative experience anchored in combining his hotel management expertise with our Inbound marketing expertise to develop a website that would deliver on Hampshire's objectives. We really enjoyed working with Mike Cowell while crafting an experience we knew would blow away Hampshire leadership and prospective clients alike.

Project Priorities

1First Priority Deliver an engaging brand experience only to be described as "wow!"
2Second Priority Demonstrate how to implement Inbound Marketing within their marketing strategy.
3Third Priority Present a design concept to leadership that would pave the way for their new marketing initiatives.

How we did it

1. Research

User research as well as market research kicks off every project. Our studies help us plan the ideal user experience.

2. Content & Site Maps

Maps are hierarchical diagrams showing the structure of a website.

3. Personas

Personas are able to provide details to important questions that a "user" cannot define.

4. Wireframes

Wireframes are the blueprints of web design.

5. Moodboards

Moodboards help teams collaborate and identify the desired vibe.

6. Style Guide

A style guide defines brand fonts, colors, and styles for brand continuity/consistency.

7. Design Concept

A high polish design concept demonstrates how the new design will look prior to coding.

8. Responsive Templates

Fully responsive HTML5 templates built to impress users on all devices.

Lean Labs produced a design that was relevant to our industry and incredibly well done. I would highly recommend talking with Lean Labs.”
Mike Cowell, VP Business Development

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