Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors – an independent financial services firm dedicated to helping our clients retire with confidence, clarity and ease. We specialize in portfolio management, financial problem-solving and personalized investment strategies for high net-worth individuals.

  • Year
  • 2016
  • Duration
  • 6 Months
  • Responsibilities
  • Buyer Journey
  • Information Architecture
  • Brand Experience
  • Responsive Design
  • HubSpot Integration

Our Objective

Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors is a financial service and investment firm dedicated to providing comprehensive wealth management for high net-worth individuals. They offer evidence-based investment (EBI) solutions that are low cost, tax efficient and empirically-driven.

Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors serve a diverse array of high net-worth invididuals with the premise that investing doesn't have to be overwhelming.

You don’t have to do it alone. And you certainly don’t have to feel dependent upon a giant financial services firm that just makes you feel like another number.

We helped structure the new site to offer a clear buying journey as well as a totally fresh brand experience.

Project Priorities

1First Priority Create a buying journey that engages customers.
2Second Priority Develop a Top Shelf Brand Experience.
3Third Priority Implement the new design on HubSpot.

How we did it

1. Define Objectives

A deep dive into the business model, including goals and requirements, audits of your site, marketing assets, and competitors.

2. Customer R&D

Customer development starts with buyer personas and value proposition map, and ends with creation of the buying journey.

3. Frame

Information architecture covers site map and page flow, while wireframes display the structure of the site.

4. Story

Engaging content, unique value propositions, compelling offers, converting calls to action, and nurturing workflows.

5. Style

Moodboards, style tiles, fonts, colors, and brand assets all come together into a brand style guide.

6. Create

Mobile first design progressively enhances the experience as you step up from mobile to tablet to desktop.

7. HubSpot Platform

Fully responsive HTML5 templates are built out on HubSpot to not only impress users on all devices, but also make the site modular and easy to manage.

8. Growth Driven Design

Launching a new site is really just launching a set of ideas that you "think" will work well. Growth Driven Design is how we continually refine, optimize, and evolve a site rather than have to re-design it.

The Lean Labs team are experts in distilling a business’ brand and presenting a compelling story to a target audience. They maximize the user experience with valuable content and create a digital journey turning the visitor into a follower. Our website and the image it presents of our firm to the world, took a giant leap forward.

David Robinson, CFP (PlaceHolder)

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