The Water Scrooge helps multi tenant building owners save up to 40% on water usage, simultaneously making their building greener and more profitable. The problem was, their website wasn't helping get the word out. We built the great team at The Water Scrooge a new website that better represents their innovative brand.

  • Year
  • 2015
  • Duration
  • 3 Months
  • Responsibilities
  • Customer Targeting
  • Value Proposition
  • Buyer Journey
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Experience
  • Responsive Design
  • HubSpot Integration

Our Objective

The Water Scrooge needs the same things that so many small and medium sized businesses need: More traffic, leads and customers.

We focused on the basics with The Water Scrooge. First, a customer centric strategy with content that was based entirely around customer needs and wants. We built out a buyer journey to help new visitors instantly understand the value of The Water Scrooge and how it applies to their business. We did this with simplified content, clear statements of value, user driven savings calculators, and downloadable resources.

Not only does their new website look better, it's a solid foundation for Inbound Marketing.

Some brands go all out with top shelf design, as their website has the traffic to justify it. Other brands go "bare bones" with their brand experience to try to save money. The Water Scrooge did neither: They focused on buiding an effective foundation for growing their brand, and doing so efficiently.

Like so many of our projects, we spent a good amount of time in strategy, diving deep into our own special process for buyer personas, presenting the right UVP, and letting our Value Proposition Map drive the strategy of the structure and flow of the site.

Since launching both traffic and leads are up. At the time of writing this case study, (April 2016), traffic is up substantially because we didn't just launch the new website and leave it. We're continuing to work with The Water Scrooge on Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design. Our next focus is to amplify lead generation by creating new lead magnets that deliver instant value to their target market, yet also facilitate the buying journey.

Project Priorities

1First Priority Create messaging to engage users instantly. (we focused on the problems they solve)
2Second Priority Craft a buying journey that converts leads.
3Third Priority Develop a top shelf brand experience, implemented on HubSpot.

How we did it

1. Define Objectives

A deep dive into the business model, including goals and requirements, audits of your site, marketing assets, and competitors.

2. Customer R&D

Customer development starts with buyer personas and value proposition map, and ends with creation of the buying journey.

3. Frame

Information architecture covers site map and page flow, while wireframes display the structure of the site.

4. Story

Engaging content, unique value propositions, compelling offers, converting calls to action, and nurturing workflows.

5. Style

Moodboards, style tiles, fonts, colors, and brand assets all come together into a brand style guide.

6. Create

Mobile first design progressively enhances the experience as you step up from mobile to tablet to desktop.

7. HubSpot Platform

Fully responsive HTML5 templates are built out on HubSpot to not only impress users on all devices, but also make the site modular and easy to manage.

8. Growth Driven Design

Launching a new site is really just launching a set of ideas that you "think" will work well. Growth Driven Design is how we continually refine, optimize, and evolve a site rather than have to re-design it.

Working with Lean Labs to grow our Brand has been nothing short of GREAT. They have turned into an invaluable resource for us. Literally indispensable.

We initially hired Lean Labs to redesign our website and provide some brand/marketing strategy. Lean Labs worked with us to develop our buyer personas, value propositions and buyers journey before ever getting into design. If you don't know what those things are, neither did we, but we're glad we do now. This process actually made us realize things about our customers and our business by asking questions we never thought to ask, and we became better because of it.

Since hiring Lean Labs for our first project, we have brought them into multiple other projects, including idea validation, customer development and managing our inbound marketing. 10/10 - highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a high conversion web strategy from a top flight marketing and design team, without the elite pricing.”
Guy Samuel, Vice President of Everything, The Water Scrooge

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