Marketing Team Evaluation

How to use this tool

The Marketing Team Evaluation Guide is a simple yet powerful tool. It enables you to document the strengths of each team member as well as obtain a SCORE and RECOMMENDATION of what next steps may be based upon your ratings.

Start by evaluating yourself, and within minutes your entire team will have their ratings. The results for each team member are as follows:
 - Recognize: For your most skilled and passionate members who are top producers.
 - Coach: For high scoring team members who fall short in one area, coach them to improve.
 - Last Chance: For team members failing in multiple areas, lay out expected improvements.
 - Part Ways: When team members don't score well on this guide, you may need to part ways.

Afterall, every day that you're keeping the team you have rather than moving towards the ideal team, you're simply holding on to a past bad decision.

This guide takes approximately 4 minutes to complete.

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