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Want to make customer acquisition your competitive advantage?

SaaS and tech brands customer acquisition

Profitable customer acquisition for SaaS & tech brands

Lean. Remote. No contracts.


Customer acquisition is more important than anything else (even your product)

Why do many market leaders still lead the market even though they don't have the best product? Because they are the best at acquiring customers.

In a perfect world, the best solution always wins. But, that world doesn't exist. Your solution will build customer loyalty. But, it's your marketing and sales system that will make people buy.

Deserving brands must achieve and scale profitable customer acquisition.

Looking for a new customer acquisition strategy? We can drive qualified leads to your sales team.

The strongest growth team wins

It's never been easier to create a quality solution. You probably have more competition than ever.

Customers have more choice, more power, and higher standards than ever before. That means it's never been harder to break through the noise and engage your target customer.

Is your SaaS or tech company looking for a growth strategy?

Built For Results

What we do

We help brands grow without taking big risks or going broke in the process. Your outsourced growth team at Lean Labs drives high quality leads to sales. We use proven growth fundamentals to achieve profitable and scalable customer acquisition.

Want a new perspective on growth?


Meet your outsourced growth team

We're different from a marketing agency or in-house marketing team in two fundamental ways:


No one-sided wins — our #1 core value is value over profit

This means if a project, campaign, or quarter is not achieving the desired result, we add additional scope at our cost to achieve the result we promised. We're prepared to invest up to 2X the original scope at our cost to iterate where needed to achieve the goal.

We believe your marketing partner should have some skin in the game. As your copilot in growth, we'll profit together or not at all.


1:1 client to team member ratio — 12 clients max

We're built to put the right people to work on the right problems using a proven process, delivering results monthly with no scope creep, no contracts, and no overtime. We're easy to manage, and you can adopt our lean systems as you scale.

Is your SaaS or tech company ready for growth?

Grow lean

Grow with Lean Labs

When you remove friction from the buyer journey and deliver a brand experience your target customers love, marketing is (almost) easy.



“My first introduction to Kevin's work was through the quick development of one of my customer's website and he/the whole team over delivered on a tight time constraint in order to help with a high profile television appearance (The Shark Tank). Extraordinary work!”

— HubSpot - Jill Fratianne, Account Manager


“When you agree to partner with Lean Labs you are committing to their ‘10x’ philosophy to reach your goals. Kevin is a visionary marketer and the leader of a team hyper-focused on customer experience, best practices, and testing and analyzing creative solutions to complex and original problems. Adept at following a specific roadmap or deviating to fix a one-off problem, I couldn’t be happier with our partnership with their team.”

— SentryOne - Niala Kalola, Senior Manager


We could not have asked for a better partner than Lean Labs. They have tremendous energy and knowledge, and have really propelled Atlantech Online's marketing efforts.”

— Atlantech Online, Inc. - Ed Fineran, Owner

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We create tailored solutions for your size, goals & budget

#1 Resource

Download our Growth Playbook

Our growth playbook will give you insights into how you can plan, budget, and accelerate growth using a tested and proven process. This is the process we use for ourselves and all our clients.

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Technical projects & CRO

Scaling brands $10MM - $100MM

We'll help you identify and eliminate the friction in your buyer journey, delivering positive ROI within 90 days. We can fill the gaps in your marketing team to help you redesign, optimize, and scale your brand experience.

Done with you

Startups $1MM - $10MM

Word of mouth and hustle can get you traction, but you'll need a high conversion buyer journey & effective marketing to turn initial traction into a flood of momentum.

Do it yourself

Seed stage / bootstrappers $0-$1MM

The hustle is real, and we can equip you with the tools, templates, and tactics to make your hard-fought efforts pay off. It's not easy to get started, but you're not alone.

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