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We're a lean growth team

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Who’s NOT on our team

Sal the Salesperson
We don’t promise the world in order to close the deal.
Basic Bob
You'll never get generic ideas, basic strategies or template solutions.
Loudmouth Larry
While you're hiring us to lead, we also listen.
Max the Manager
Nobody "manages your account" - you'll work directly with our top talent.
Negative Nick
We show up ready to work and love what we do.
Junior Level Jared
We don't push your project to junior level talent.

We're hiring!

Does Lean Labs sound like the right opportunity for you? Here, talented professionals thrive because they feel unleashed to create top-shelf deliverables. 

Our core values

Value over profit

We strive to deliver quality over quantity in all things. As our reputation hinges upon the quality of work we do, we guarantee we’ll provide value before we profit.

 The value of hiring Lean Labs includes two key parts:

1. The value of the services we provide

2. The value of what your company becomes as a result.

Continuous improvement

We never rest on our last great idea.

We continually improve ourselves so we can continually innovate for our clients. We put high priority on professional development so we can always be growing, adapting, scaling, and innovating.

Positive, “can do” attitude at all times

We thrive on “mojo.”

We absolutely love what we do and who we do it with. Enthusiasm and energy are two qualities we always bring to the table, and we look for clients who do the same.


We value (and enjoy) doing the work.

Growth and breakthroughs always follow execution. The only way to ensure a result is to deserve it, and the way to deserve it is by doing the work.

We look for opportunities to push ourselves and clients into new territory.

That's what growth is.

Growth always follows hustle.

We love the hustle because it makes us uncomfortable, stretches us, and we know what's right around the corner.


We work transparently and share openly our processes, plans, and progress.

Part of this transparency is so that we are all focused on the right activities to achieve the right goals. The other part of transparency is driven by what we see as our duty to prove our value on every project, every month.

You can trust that working with Lean Labs is not an expenditure, but an investment in achieving your objectives.

Process driven art

There is greatness in your vision and your company.

Why settle?

Why cut corners?

Lean Labs will be disciplined in building the right thing, the right way, at the right time, with the right team. Each thing we build must aim to be remarkable, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

Founded & grounded in the Word

We are called to be a set apart people. It should be evident in everything we do.

Our business ethics are founded and grounded on Biblical principles. We are not only accountable to these core values, but to our clients and the Most High as well.



A diamond HubSpot partner

We work almost exclusively in the HubSpot platform. There is no better system to help us achieve 10X results for our clients.

We could give you many examples of how HubSpot provides the framework we need to deliver that kind of growth. But to put it simply, HubSpot enables our team, and our clients’ teams, to do marketing, rather than trying to make systems work.


To deliver world-class results, we've partnered with some amazing companies that multiply the power of our growth team.
Sprocket Rocket Gold Certified

Our motivators

Lean Labs invests more in its team than any growth team we know, with over 100k in professional development, mentorship and bonuses paid annually. We model our mentors.

The history of Lean Labs

Lean Labs traces its heritage back to a two-person web design/dev shop that formed in 2002, founded by Kevin Barber. After a decade leading Net Profit Services (and growth to a three-person shop), Kevin became dissatisfied with doing websites for companies that had no marketing plan.

In early 2013, Kevin created Lean Labs, which narrowed its focus to building high conversion websites for deserving brands. High conversion websites need steady traffic in order to convert leads and fill sales pipelines, and this is why we adopted Inbound Marketing.

We decided to morph the NPS logo (5 squares which stood for design, development, marketing, hosting, into metrics) into a new, more open design for Lean Labs. We kept the 5 squares and adopted a new set of meanings for them, based not on service types, but on the outcomes we want to see for our clients.


Lean Labs Logo Meaning


  1. Fill the gap: ALL of our clients have an Inbound Marketing gap, which we want fill.

  2. Achieve objectives: We want to not just do what clients ask of us and are willing to pay us for, we want to help them grow.

  3. Prove it: We’re SO tired of agencies and teams saying “we did stuff, we’re great”… We want to PROVE our value with results. The impact of working with Lean Labs should be felt.

  4. Grow: Personal growth & execution are the path to success.

  5. Push the limits: NPS was a very “safe” organization. Lean Labs wants to push the limits in the model of a lean startup; test, iterate, and become something great.

Since its conception, Lean Labs has more than tripled in revenue and is now a team of 12, working remotely from around the world to 10X the traffic, leads, and opportunities of our clients.

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