Senior Growth Marketer


“You get leadership when you take ownership.” - Pat Summit


About Tess

I'm all about starting deep conversations and bringing new life to typically dull (sorry, not sorry) content for B2B companies through data-driven strategy and execution.

I'll make sure every conversation we have is productive, organized, and FUN. And, I'll most likely have a giant mug of coffee in my hand while we have it.


Over seven years of marketing experience


The download increase percentage on the last eBook she spearheaded


First year with Lean Labs (and we're just getting started!)

What you do (professionally)? I make sure our marketing team and campaigns are set up for success and manage the processes, workflows, and behind-the-scenes teamwork that makes the dream work. Every once in awhile, I get to do some actual marketing work, too!

What makes you good at it (background / skills / traits)? I attended the University of North Dakota, graduating in 2015 with a B.A. in English/Pre-Law studies. My first (and thankfully, only) job in the legal field taught me that my technical education lends itself well to complex content, like what B2B marketers create. I've been pushing B2B labels ever since!

Why you do it for Lean Labs? COVID-19 and my husband's demanding career in the US Army forced me outside my comfort zone and into remote roles. As my experience grew, I knew I needed more autonomy and trust, but also more challenges, to keep increasing my skills. Lean Labs is the perfect fit for me!



  • Inbound Certified
  • Growth Driven Design Certified
  • Marketing Software Certified


  • Google Analytics 
  • SEO

Influential Books

  • Building a Story Brand - Donald Miller
  • Atomic Habits - James Clear
  • How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  • Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
  • All Marketers are Liars - Seth Godin
  • Make Your Bed - Admiral William H. McRaven
  • Present Over Perfect - Shauna Niequist