When Your Marketing Isn’t Working, What’s the Next Step?

A lot of companies actually try MORE of what’s not working. Let us explain. 

When outbound isn’t working, often a company shifts to inbound. When inbound isn’t working, a company shifts to outbound, social, or influencer marketing.

But the truth is… when you have a buyer journey that truly works for your buyer, MOST, if not ALL, channels to your target buyer will yield a somewhat decent return on investment.

And when your marketing is NOT working, shifting from YouTube to TikTok or Google Ads to Facebook ads isn’t likely to get you the result. That’s because…

There’s One Thing Blocking 90% of Companies From Growth.

One thing that makes your website underperform. One thing that keeps you from generating more qualified leads. One thing making your marketing unprofitable.

What's The One Thing? Friction.

Friction is what comes up in the mind of your prospects & holds them back from engaging and converting. Friction keeps you stuck in the same place, despite your best efforts to grow.

You can’t grow sales because you don’t have quality leads. You can’t scale marketing because it’s not profitable. Meanwhile, inferior competitors are outselling you. Having friction makes your marketing and sales feel like an uphill battle.

The Three Most Common Sources Of Friction.

Brochure Websites

When your website copy doesn’t resonate with your customer’s wants and needs, you’ll end up with a non-engaging brochure website showing surface level information about your company.

Poor Converting Websites

If you’re struggling to book meetings from your website, more traffic is not the solution. Weak lead magnets are one of the biggest roadblocks stopping your website becoming your best salesperson and delivering ROI.

Lack Of Differentiation

If you launch cookie cutter marketing campaigns and websites, your leads will end up choosing the company that they perceive as the most memorable and valuable at the lowest price.


Are You Stuck?

Let's Fix That First!

Get unstuck with the Growth Grader, used by all of our clients so you can grade your current marketing performance and establish an accurate baseline.

The popular solution is to hire an agency to scale your marketing & drive leads. Ideally, they'd remove all the friction in your marketing and everything would run smoothly and profitably.

In reality, 70%+ of marketing agency engagements fail. And 84% of campaigns barely break even.

Agencies are not built to solve strategic growth problems. They only scale what you have that already works.

Agencies aren’t accountable to KPIs. They charge for outputs, not outcomes.


Ad agencies will say you need more ads. Content agencies will say you need more content. Website design agencies will say you need a new website rebuild and redesign.

Agencies always get paid, whether client is making money or losing money (most lose).

No amount of design fixes a poor buyer journey.

Spending Money on Traffic Doesn’t Fix Your Conversion Problems.

78%+ of businesses are dissatisfied with their conversion rates. 80% of marketers report their lead gen to be only slightly or somewhat effective.

It’s EASY to waste an ENTIRE YEAR & burn up your growth budget on mediocre marketing tactics that simply don’t work. And even after your budget has been burned, you still have friction in your marketing.

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