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Careers at Lean Labs

Lean Labs is a web solutions agency that creates engaging, responsive web solutions for deserving brands. Our team of 13 is distributed across multiple states and 5 countries. We're a Platinum HubSpot Partner specializing in Inbound Marketing and building engaging, high conversion brand experiences. Come grow with us. 

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Front-end Developer

Got mad dev skills? Ready for a challenge?
By all means, read on!

We need someone who can deliver our clients remarkable design, whether it’s in the form of an infographic, UI for a marketing campaign, HTML5 page template, or complete website re-design.

Required Skills:

  • HTML5. Expert Level

  • Responsive Coding. Expert level. example: http://www.lean-labs.com

  • Fantastic eye for white space, and clean layouts. CSS should be your best friend.

  • Javascript and Jquery are your best friends and you speak their language very well. 

  • Experience (yet not necessarily deep expertise) in UX

  • Mojo. We completely thrive on it. You’ll need to bring quite a bit to fit in.

  • It's really important to bring a positive, professional, can-do attitude to our organization. We highly prioritize enjoying our day and the team we work with. We pass the ball alot during a project, from strategy to UX to copy to design to lean validation to development to marketing. You’ll interact with everyone on our team and in order to fit in, you’ll need to match our quality, productivity, and naturally echo a can-do vibe to fit our culture.

  • Online portfolio to show your front end awesomeness! If you don’t have one, stop here.


Here's what makes you an even better fit:

  • Platform Familiarity: Are you a wizard with Wordpress?  A Master of Magento? Hero in Hubspot?  

  • Familiar with Optimizely? VWO? Unbounce? Background in at least a few of these is a plus.

  • Git - If you're used to Github or Bitbucket - you're speaking our language. but not required.

  • We have a lean/agile process, so frequent releases are common, followed by continuous innovation. If you can show us an MVP you’ve launched, we’re excited.

  • Infographics - share them with us to move up high on our list!

  • At the end of the day, we build solutions for exposure and conversion. As such, a little copywriting/marketing experience is helpful, but this is NOT at all a copywriting job. If you happen to have a blog, share the link! It can be on any topic.

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Founded in 2002. Not one layoff.
  • Proven track record of satisfied clients.
  • Proven track record of positive work environment.
  • Strict adherence to core values.
  • Flexible work environment.
  • Mix of clients and projects to keep it fun.
  • A fantastic team of talented professionals.
  • Paid professional development.
  • Competitive Wages with perks for great performance.

What's our Secret Sauce? Well, it's a combination of flavors really.

Our team members enjoy:

  • Telecommute from your home office, or that local coffee shop!
  • Design your Schedule. Change it as needed. Flexibility!
  • Agile Methodology.  Short sprints of focused work for great results!
  • Minimal Meetings.  Minimal Wasted Effort.  Minimal BS.
  • Mojo driven workflow.  We'll let you get in that groove and eliminate distractions!
  • Paid Professional Development* (we listed this twice b/c the right people get real excited about this)

Bottom Line: Lean Labs is a place where you can (correction: are expected to) deliver your very best work on a consistent basis. Very little "pixel pushing" or "code monkey" work here. We’re the place where talented creatives can feel unleashed to create top-level deliverables.

Ready to talk? We are.