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Job description

Content creator

$40k - $65k base

We need someone who’s a tremendously strong writer that would love to do videos and podcasts too. Someone comfortable in all forms of media and enjoys doing research for the content they create. Whether it’s written, spoken, or video, you understand the principles that drive engagement and you can capitalize on them for dynamic campaigns.

Required skills:
  • 4-year degree in English, Writing, Communications, Marketing, or similar.
  • Working knowledge of organic, social, and email marketing. 
  • Ability to analyze data to determine areas of improvement in content performance.
  • Familiar and comfortable with presenting concepts and training to clients through video conference.
  • Capable of clearly communicating through multiple mediums, including video, voice, and writing.
  • Experience in organic marketing. 
  • Working knowledge of HubSpot is important.
  • Mojo. We completely thrive on it. You’ll need to bring quite a bit to fit in.
  • It’s really important to bring a positive, professional, can-do attitude to our organization. We highly prioritize enjoying our day and the team we work with. We pass the ball a lot during a project, from strategy to UX to copy to design to lean validation to development to marketing. You’ll interact with everyone on our team and in order to fit in, you’ll need to match our quality, productivity, and naturally, echo a can-do vibe to fit our culture.
  • Online portfolio to show your content-creation-awesomeness! If you don’t have one, stop here. This could be a blog, vlog, podcast, or anything else...
Here’s what makes you an even better fit:
  • Experience writing sales copy.
  • Medium Familiarity: Have you produced content via a podcast? YouTube channel? Are you interested in becoming a master of these mediums?

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Founded in 2002. Not one layoff.
  • Proven track record of satisfied clients.
  • Proven track record of positive work environment.
  • Strict adherence to core values.
  • Flexible work environment.
  • Mix of clients and projects to keep it fun.
  • A fantastic team of talented professionals.
  • Paid professional development.
  • Competitive Wages with perks for great performance.

What's our Secret Sauce? Well, it's a combination of flavors really.

Our team members enjoy:

  • Telecommute from your home office or that local coffee shop!
  • Design your Schedule. Change it as needed. Flexibility!
  • Agile Methodology.  Short sprints of focused work for great results!
  • Minimal Meetings.  Minimal Wasted Effort.  Minimal BS.
  • Mojo driven workflow.  We'll let you get in that groove and eliminate distractions!
  • Paid Professional Development* (we listed this twice b/c the right people get real excited about this)

The bottom line is that this is a place where you can (read: are expected to) deliver your very best work on a consistent basis. We're a team where talented professionals thrive and feel unleashed to create top-shelf deliverables.

Ready to talk? We are. 

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