finance & Onboarding


Born at an early age and now older than he's ever been. (hopefully wiser too, but not wise enough to refrain from attempts at humor like this :)


About Stephen

In 2017, I moved from the mountains surrounding the Central Valley of Costa Rica in Central America back to Kansas, where I was born and raised (Crazy, I know!). 


Finance for 16+ Years


Years with Lean Labs


Helped 60+ clients grow

I’m the Head of Finance and Onboarding (HFO for you acronymically inclined folks) for Lean Labs, so I jockey a lot of back-office work and bookkeeping. I like organization, scheduling, and predictability. To me, there is nothing like creating good systems and implementing them. I’ve been Operations Manager for 3 successful businesses in the past.

I met Kevin, the owner of Lean Labs, while my family and I were living in Costa Rica (did I mention we moved from paradise back to Kansas?). We came to realize Lean Labs could use my abilities and increase my skills at the same time. It’s been great!

I’ve been a devoted convert of Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth” since I first read it back in 1996. Michael’s vision for documented, standardized work and processes has become my vocational quest.

Since joining Lean Labs, I’ve been drinking the Inbound Kool-Aid and I have/had almost every certification HubSpot offers. I've further developed my marketing repertoire with 10 Digital Marketer certifications too.