“Consistency ensures success.”


About Edward

I'm an innovative and diligent Frontend developer with 2 years of experience managing everything from design implementation to user experience.


Developer for 2+ years


Years in Lean Labs


99% Success Rate in Projects

What you do (professionally)? 

I am a frontend developer here at Lean Labs. I am part of the team that turn your ideas into products with code.

What makes you good at it (background / skills / traits)?

As a frontend developer, I've always been motivated by creative, challenging projects and being able to draw a connection between my efforts and client's growth. Not only that but reading good books such as essentialism and what makes websites win are superpowers that help me focus on things are important and use tried-and-tested methods to ensure websites remain one of the best marketing assets an organisation or client can have. 

Why you do it for Lean Labs? 

After the the intro video, I took some time to read some of the success of the clients the company has worked with. And It felt great knowing that I would be a part of an organisation that not only provides excellent services and websites, but one that actually helps clients increase in growth and revenue. And it feels great to a part of an organisation that actually creates an impact.


  • Hubspot: HubSpot CMS for Developers
  • Hubspot: Growth Driven Design Certification
  • Hubspot: Inbound Certification

Influential Books

  • Making Websites Win - Dr Karl Blanks & Ben Jesson
  • Essentialism - Greg McKeown
  • Nicomachean Ethics - Aristotle