Email Series Process

How to Create an Email Series from Strategy to Live in HubSpot

Inbound lead creates email workflow strategy for client. 
Inbound lead confirms strategy with Kevin.
Inbound lead sets meeting with client to review strategy and goals. 

Client approves strategy.

Inbound lead sends Stephen final strategy and calendar.
Stephen adds email workflows and titles from strategy, in order, to Liquid Planner and Gather Content
Send input notes/interview to the writer for a 7-day turn-around.
Inbound lead adds strategy to each workflow in GC. 
Inbound lead conducts interview with client, if necessary
  • Attaches interview to piece and updates notes.
  • Updates status to “Ready to Write.”
Inbound lead writes emails and completes within 1 - 2 weeks. 
Inbound lead reviews and edits for grammar/syntax.
  • If ready for peer review, inbound lead updates status to “Ready for Copy Editing.”
Inbound Peer Review Editor reviews and makes edits to workflows (within one week time frame).
  • Edits complete, changes status to “Copy Editing Done - Review and Send to Client”
Inbound lead reviews edits of peer review. Updates as necessary.
  • Inbound lead updates status to “Article Ready for Client Review.”
  • Notifies client to perform fact/tone check.
  • Ideally, client performs fact/tone check before email review meeting.
Inbound lead reviews client fact/tone check notes before email review meeting.
  • Edits and adjusts any clear and easy updates.
  • Leaves comments to discuss on call if there are any that need clarification or discussion.
Inbound lead conducts final fact/tone check with client on call (for the areas necessary).
  • Ensure client provides the template they would like used for emails, the sender, and any signature they would like added. Additionally, if there are any DNS lists (besides unsubscribes) client should notify you.
  • Update status to “Ready to Publish” if final fact/tone check are complete and article is 100% ready to publish.
Inbound lead creates workflow in HubSpot, and batches emails on client’s preferred template. Ensures correct recipient lists and do not send lists are added.
Inbound lead sends to inbound peer review for final workflow logic check. 
Inbound lead tests the workflow, ensuring enrollment requirements are correct, and emails render properly.
Inbound lead sends emails to client and notifies them that the workflow is live. 
Apply proper time, status, and tag to Liquid Planner.

Need to add this in to the process above. (I’m not sure where.)

Prerequisites for Workflows:

  • A Completed Funnel Doc
  • Identify Which Funnel/Stage the Workflow Represents
  • Clear trigger logic for the workflow (What sets it off and for who?)
  • Clear criteria of suppression and disqualification (who should NOT get the email?)
  • Clear, measurable, trackable goal for the workflow (What is considered success?)
  • Brand voice details (What "character" will the writing be from?)
  • Sender info (Who will the emails be from?)
  • Sender email signature (If not already available, this needs to be included into the emails)