Key Page Build Checklist

Before you start to review the attached wireframe. Is there a style guide or creative brief relevant to this page? After thoroughly reviewing both, check this done. If neither applies to this page, move on to the next step.

I've reviewed the creative brief, WF and other collateral I'll need to complete this page build.
If you're confused about (any element of this design). Let's meet for 15-30 minutes to clarify any question points. -

Design First look in Sketch (no HTML yet)


Review All files required for this task (Wireframe, Moodboard, Asset folder, Fonts files, Logos). If you're missing anything of these files and you need them to get started contact the GDD ASAP

Create the first key element on the page in design tool of choice upload it to this checklist for review.
Create first look comp in design tool of choice
Upload to InVision & send link to GDD lead for Review
Check Comments and Tour Points / Implement revision & Polish
Send to GDD lead for Final Design Review with the client.
Final Revision
Package all design assets & deliver them to the Dev assigned to the project.
Add Code Spec (If applicable) via Tour Points to each module in the design. This can include, testimonial count, alternative layouts, background image size, Ability to turn portions of the module on/off, etc.
Mark yourself done (Do your happy dance)

Key-page Template Build in Hubspot


Review the Design Package from the designer. Do you have everything you need to start framing the page in HTML, CSS & JS. If not stop now and get the designer (preferably) or GDD lead on the phone to discuss any questions you have.

Review the Design sent from the Designer. (Make notes for yourself)
Sync Local Setup with the appropriate Git Repo.
Create any new custom modules locally
Reiterate / Implement feedback
Submit final code as PR to staging branch
Add template to
Internal review of staging
Client Review & Presentation
Final Polish before deployment.
Deploy to Hubspot CRM
BrowserStack Usability Testing. Latest Version of Internet Explorer + All common browsers across Desktop & Mobile)
Merge Final PR into Master Branch
Do your happy dance, Drink a beer (Maybe Both)