LL Inbound Process

Remember Overview

Content Chief


  • Lean Labs presents monthly strategy with weekly objectives.
  • Lean Labs presents weekly updates on progress.
  • Lean Labs presents drafts for review and approval.

Workflow: draft > revision > approval > Wordpress > schedule > publish > promote

Note: Alert clients whenever switching writers/marketers. 1. add 1 internal pt editing task to all projects with a new person or new client, or new client contact. (1st 8 posts) Task title: Seriously Edit like your job depends on it.

Content Coach

  • Client provides a monthly strategy. Client receives feedback on optimization.
  • Client raises a request in Jira service desk for an article, including a draft.
  • Client receives feedback on SEO/Presentation/Purpose of the article.
    • Goals of the article.
    • Persona targets of the article.
    • Desired results from the article.
    • Focus evaluation.
    • ON-page SEO item reviews/revisions.
Workflow: draft > review > revision > approval > Wordpress > schedule > publish > promote

Content Compass

Client drives the content marketing engine.

  • Lean Labs gives oversight on:
    • Purpose
    • Goals
    • Optimization