Peer Review Checklist


Developer finishes developing and pushes all changes to git.
In the commit section leave a clear response to what has been done.
Open up the task in LP and type a message to the reviewer about the purposes of the new build, how it should function.
Mark yourself complete on the task and unmark the peer developer.


Recipient examines code.
Recipient tries everything possible to break the latest build.
If rework is needed message the lead dev on the project with the bugs you found. This is also the time to suggest any changes.
Mark yourself complete on the task and unmark the dev lead on the task to finish it up.


Developer responds to defects by making changes and starting the inspection process over again. 


Developer makes sure updated changes get into version control. (staging as well)
Project lead get notified via server update in slack. Make sure the script @gdd when pinging slack.
Deliver project in production.