Pillar Page Process

The mechanics of this task is just a matter of using the Content Strategy tool in HubSpot. Go through their Knowledgebase article to learn how to do this. (It's pretty simple.)

I'd suggest this as the process to build out the content cluster in the Strategy Tool.

Create a Topic Cluster.
Add the Pillar Page topic.
Add subtopics. Go ahead and connect any content that is already published to the subtopic. HubSpot recommends at least 4 subtopics.
Write and publish the Subtopic posts and the Pillar Page.
Add the Pillar Page to the Pillar Page topic in the Strategy tool.
Open new windows and link all subtopic content back to the Pillar Page. Make sure to use the target keyword for the Pillar Page in all anchor text which links back to the Pillar Page. For instance, if the Pillar Page is targeting the Keyword "HubSpot vs WordPress", then all links pointing back to the Pillar Page should use "HubSpot vs. WordPress" as the anchor text.
It will take up to 4 hours for HubSpot to index all of the posts. After this time has elapsed, go into each subtopic and click the "Check for link" button to ensure that the link is set properly.
Consider adding a link to the pillar page in the footer.