Task Creation Process

Task Title: Always begin with a verb.
Problem We’re Solving: What is the purpose behind this task? 
Intended Outcome: What is the deliverable’s intended usage?
Who’s Idea Was This Task? Client or internal team member name.

What Done Looks Like:
Is there a “deliverable” like a Doc, Spreadsheet, LP Comment, Draft in HubSpot, etc.?
What level of detail are you looking for?

Suggestions for Getting To Done: If necessary, outline the specific steps which need to be taken. Feel free to micromanage here.
Handoff: Who should this go to when done? (Relay Race Card)
Remaining Effort: complete the fields for should and could.
Activity: set the correct activity and whether client or internal. Don’t leave it up to the worker to decide.
Set the Week: select the week to be completed by (usually based on the sprint/month the task is in).
Dependencies: add, if any.