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Integrate is a platform for outbound marketers that makes it radically easier to create campaigns, find fulfillment, manage partners, and optimize results than working in silo'd systems that most marketers use. It's revolutionary, actually. The problem was, people didn't understand it. We were asked for an outsider's view of how to improve top of the funnel messaging as well as create an overall brand experience around an improved buyer journey that would both engage and convert.

  • Year
  • 2015
  • Duration
  • 3.5 Months
  • Responsibilities
  • Customer Targeting
  • Value Proposition
  • Buyer Journey
  • Brand Experience
  • Responsive Design
  • HubSpot Integration

Our Objective

Integrate's platform is seriously amazing. I have a fair bit of outbound marketing experience in my past
(oops, as an inbound agency, did I just say that?). To see the ease of planning, launching, measuring, and optimizing campaigns in the Integrate platform, it felt like the Age of Aquarius was finally here.

The only problem was, how do you package your messaging in such a way that people can understand the value of the platform?

We laugh about it a little, but this is what happened. When we were ramping up for the project, Ryan (Inbound Lead at Lean Labs) called me and said "I'm reading through the docs, and just so I can wrap my head around this... what do they do?". Then Giles (Lead Designer at Lean Labs) was looking at the current site and pinged me in chat asking, "What do they do?" You see, sometimes it's awful hard to package a lot of value into a concise message, and that became our core focus. Fantastically, Integrate has a team of great marketers and they did ALL the heavy content lifting while we focused on flow from a higher level.

Integrate's website before Lean Labs was pretty slick (great graphics!), it just didn't quite explain what they did super well and it didn't take them through a top of the funnel focused journey to help visitors understand the value of the platform in a way that resonated.

In short, the new site needed to focus on the marketer's problems and show them how to solve them! By leading to their solution instead of leading with their solution, the site's flow is far more natural.

So our focus was on message and buyer journey over design and graphics. This project simultaneously showcases our ability to craft a buyer journey for a brand and our ability to re-align (not re-design a site). By re-align, I mean take an excellent design direction and refine and polish it to the next level. Not every site needs re-designed, a lot of the time it just needs better information architecture, user flow, and polish.

We focused heavy on strategy, diving deep into our own special process for buyer personas, creating a UVP, and letting our Value Proposition Map drive the strategy of the structure and flow of the site.

Since launching the new Integrate.com, key metrics suggest that it's working great. Lead generation is up a staggering 245%... but wait, that's not entirely fair. They had a really rocking content campaign launch. So, taking out all of those leads, the lead converson rate is up 81%. Not bad, and we'll let Integrate's own comments below tell the rest of the story.

As we head into 2016, we'll continue working with Integrate to refine and optimize their brand experience via Growth Driven Design. Here we'll design and test new ideas to further engagement and conversion.

Project Priorities

1First Priority Create messaging to engage users instantly. (we focused on the problems they solve)
2Second Priority Craft a buying journey that converts leads.
3Third Priority Develop a top shelf brand experience, implemented on HubSpot.

How we did it

1. Define Objectives

A deep dive into the business model, including goals and requirements, audits of your site, marketing assets, and competitors.

2. Customer R&D

Customer development starts with buyer personas and value proposition map, and ends with creation of the buying journey.

3. Frame

Information architecture covers site map and page flow, while wireframes display the structure of the site.

4. Story

Engaging content, unique value propositions, compelling offers, converting calls to action, and nurturing workflows.

5. Style

Moodboards, style tiles, fonts, colors, and brand assets all come together into a brand style guide.

6. Create

Mobile first design progressively enhances the experience as you step up from mobile to tablet to desktop.

7. HubSpot Platform

Fully responsive HTML5 templates are built out on HubSpot to not only impress users on all devices, but also make the site modular and easy to manage.

8. Growth Driven Design

Launching a new site is really just launching a set of ideas that you "think" will work well. Growth Driven Design is how we continually refine, optimize, and evolve a site rather than have to re-design it.

Working with Lean Labs was a great experience overall, but most importantly, we are really getting results from the website.

We've noticed our community being able to articulate and understand our unique value proposition, who we are, and what we do. Lean Labs really brought that to life in a new way.”
Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer

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