Let's Connect

We live in a connection economy. As a result, there are a lot of ways to connect with Lean Labs.

Submit a ticket

Email Help@Lean-Labs.com to initiate a new request.

Response Time: 1 Business Day.

Request a meeting

Schedule a Meeting with Lean Labs


11184 Antioch Road
Suite 524
Overland Park, KS 66210



Response Time: 2 Business Days.


We're very active on our slack channel, you can always @us there (access to Slack is for recurring clients only).
Response Time: between a few minutes & a few hours.


You're welcome to connect with us via our Twitter account.
Response time: varies to message.

In many ways effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspires, encourages others to do their best.

Email guidelines:

We wouldn’t be “lean” if we constantly checked email all day. Here's how we handle email:

First, our clients are setup with a special inbox that allows our team to address your inquiries efficiently and respond within a business day. This way, if one person is out, someone else can pick up the request and get things moving. It also removes the need to cc multiple members of our team.

However we don't monitor our inboxes quite like ADT. We check for new messages at least twice a day, so for anything urgent please follow up with a Slack message and a phone call. If you can please be sure to let us know it's urgent, we can treat it as such.

Phone Access:
You can reach all principles on our team through one number: 1-913-871-6500. Please be prepared to leave a detailed message if we're not reached live. Voicemails are routed to our email.

For non-clients, or emails sent to our personal inboxes, Lean Labs team members are keeping it lean and check email once per day, replying within 1-3 business days. 

Our preference when you reach out is that you’ll take a moment to:

  • Please include the request/topic/agenda.
  • Indicate Priority. Low (no rush), Normal (within 1-2 biz days), High (1 biz day), Urgent (ASAP).
  • Include all relevant links, screenshots, dates, and contact info we need to respond.
  • Don’t SHOUT AT US with all caps please. That can be an unjust destruction of mojo.



If you'd like to connect with Lean Labs to sell us services, we've got your emails and voicemails and our people will call your people. May we suggest that you focus on finding a solution for your customers instead of looking for customers for your solution. If we need your services badly enough, we'll find you.