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Measure and track all of the Six Levers of Growth to quickly identify what's working best and what is causing friction within the buyer journey. Then, systematically track increases against goals all within this one tool.

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The Growth Grader tool

The Growth Grader is a proprietary tool we use to get deep insights into all the Six Levers of Growth for our brand and our clients.




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+++Bonus: tutorial video series

Kevin Barber, CEO of Lean Labs, walks you through the exact process of using the Growth Grader to monitor the health of your buyer journey, and to track progress to growth.


Growth Grader


This tool allows us to see elements of friction in the buyer journey. And it allows you to track and monitor progress towards accelerating meaningful growth.

We have used this tool internally to focus our efforts on the right activities to unlock growth. And, we've just released it the public.

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