How To Save 60% On Your First Year Of HubSpot.

We’re so confident in HubSpot’s all-in-one website and marketing platform that it's become the only brand we trust for ourselves and for our clients.

If you’re trying to use a Frankenstein-like system to manage your CRM, marketing, and sales, chances are you are wasting a lot of precious time making the tools function, rather than focusing on growing your brand.

So why isn’t HubSpot the instant choice?

In every instance, it’s the price.

HubSpot is not cheap, while tools like WordPress are “free.” We’ve proven that “Frankensystems” are actually more expensive than HubSpot when it's all said and done - you can read all about that here.

With that said, it is easy to waste a lot of money in their first year buying HubSpot. But, we are about to show you how to save a ton of money on HubSpot in your first year.


Saving Money on HubSpot Without a “Discount”

Everyone wants to save money, but when it comes to HubSpot, few go about it the right way. So, before we get into how to save money, let’s first cover the wrong way to save money on HubSpot.


The Wrong Way to Save on HubSpot

If you try to get a deal on HubSpot this way, it’s going to be a very slow process, and you’re going to hate doing it. And this is to ask your HubSpot sales rep for a discount.

Some companies spend hours dragging their sales rep over the coals to get a lower price on HubSpot. The problem is, they don’t really have much flexibility. Yet, they are still prodded for potential discounts and treated like they are holding out on their potential customers - as if they are somehow dishonest.

This does nothing but damage any hope of a long-term relationship between the company and their HubSpot rep.

We are not a fan of this approach because no one benefits.


The Right Way to Save on HubSpot

There are several ways to save on HubSpot. Some ways are instant and easy, while others take a longer process. Let’s start with instant and easy, then talk about how to save 60% off your first year.

Instant and Easy - 25% Savings: Purchase a “Suite”

Buying a suite of tools rather than individual solutions will instantly get you a 25% discount.

Instant and Easy - 30% Savings: Join the Entrepreneurs Program

The Entrepreneurs’ discount is 30% off your first year, and then a perpetual 15% discount thereafter. There are different ways to secure this discount if you qualify.

We can help get you a program that will get you instant access. If you’re interested, just click here and schedule a quick chat.

Medium Difficulty - 60% Savings: The Lean Labs Process

Most brands will need to purchase the following products in their marketing stack:

  • HubSpot CMS
  • Sales Starter (2 Seats)
  • Marketing Pro
  • HubSpot’s Required Onboarding Training Fee

Total Investment (12 Months): $18,480


Most of the brands we work with make purchasing their martech stack priority number one. While the decision of what to purchase is critical in step 1, actually purchasing it is not.

There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars a month for a tool if you can’t use that tool for two months. There is a strategy phase of developing your new website to determine buyer journey, sitemap, and messaging. This is all laid out in our website strategy kit, here.



During the development of the website, Lean Labs will be able to secure you a 2-month CMS trial. During the web development phase, and usually a few months after launch, you will not be able to fully utilize the Marketing Pro features anyway, so we will wait to add them.

HubSpot Costs: $0.00


During the website launch and learn phase, you will be required to pay for HubSpot CMS and Sales Starter. You still won’t need the Marketing Pro features, so they will be pushed off until month 6.

This phase is spent launching the new website, gathering initial data, squashing bugs, etc. This is also the phase in which marketing strategies are built, including building the nurturing infrastructure to move all six levers of growth.

  • Four months of HubSpot CMS: $1,200.00
  • Four months of HubSpot Sales Starter: $400.00

HubSpot Costs: $1,600.00

STEP 4: GO FULL SPEED (6 Months)

Now, you’re ready to rev up the HubSpot engine and go full speed, utilizing all of the marketing tools to their full potential. By waiting until you were ready to go full speed to turn on Marketing Pro, you’ve saved a lot. There is potential to save even more if you pay annually.

  • Six months of Marketing Pro: $5,340.00
  • Six months of CMS + Sales Starter: $2,400.00
  • 25% Discount for Growth Suite Bundle: -$1,935.00

HubSpot Costs: $5,805.00*

*HubSpot requires their new customers to pay for an onboarding training program, which is $3,000.00 for Marketing Pro. Working with a partner agency, though, removes that requirement. Working with Lean Labs saves you an additional $3,000.00.


  • First Six Months: $1,600.00
  • Last Six Months: $5,805.00

Total HubSpot Costs: $7,405.00

Compared to the $18,480 most people pay for their first year of HubSpot, that’s a 60% savings!