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Customers Changed How They Buy…
Have You Changed How You Sell?

Every year paid ads deliver fewer results at higher costs. There’s a new way to grow, and it’s Customer Attraction through Growth Marketing

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What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing organically attracts website leads through content that answers their questions and solves their problems. It nurtures leads with helpful content and attracts customers by helping them make smart decisions.

The buyer's journey begins when a prospect faces an immediate task, struggle, or problem that sends them to the web in search of a solution. Growth marketing begins there. When you’re focusing on customers problems more than your solution, you won’t have to buy their attention; you’ll attract it organically.

Case Studies

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Traffic Growth
12mo: Feb 2016 - Jan 2017

“We could not have asked for a better partner than Lean Labs. They have tremendous energy and knowledge, and have really propelled Atlantech Online's marketing efforts.”

Ed Fineran
Owner, Atlantech Online, Inc.
Case Study
Organic Growth
14mo: Feb 2016 - April 2017

“Choosing to work with Lean Labs has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Working with Lean Labs has been a dream. Kevin and his team are smart, extremely capable, and a joy with whom to work.”

Dr. Larry Fan
Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon
Case Study
Conversion Rate Increase
2015 - 2016

I wouldn't change a thing about the process. Lean Labs is incredibly competent. The experience has been incredible.”

The Predictive Index
Drew Fortin
Vice President of Marketing
Case Study

The Growth Marketing Methodology

The best way to turn strangers into customers, and customers into promoters.


Create The Game Plan

We begin by creating a game plan. We discuss your organizational goals, understand your strengths and opportunities, and get specific about how to increase traffic and leads.

Your marketing strategy is complete when it includes all the required pages and content to deliver an engaging buyer journey.

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Attract Website Visitors Organically

It's a lot easier to find customers when they find you.

Get found by creating discoverable content that attracts your target audience. Start by answering their questions, addressing their problems, and speaking to their goals within search engine optimized pages and posts.


Drive Leads Into Your Funnel

Each page and blog post needs to be connected to a Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnets are irresistible offers that expertly match in specificity the content on which they are offered. In many ways it's the "Switch," as in the first step in solving their problem in a new manner. Contacts are beginning the process of replacing their problem with your solution. You've converted the visitor into a lead, and now you can introduce them to a new opportunity.


Nurture, Segment & Score

Follow-up by your sales team is almost pointless if your leads don't know who you are, how you can help them, and have a favorable view of your brand.

Start by nurturing your leads with marketing automation, giving them valuable content focused on solving their problems.

By monitoring both engagement and progress in the buyer journey, every lead is scored. The best leads are flagged for sales follow-up. Through this process, sales can focus on the ready-to-buy prospects, by helping them make smart choices.


Turn Customers Into Promoters

Your company's marketing should not stop at customer acquisition. 

You have the opportunity to build a cult-like following by developing onboarding content for new customers, as we ll as building a feedback funnel, launching referral marketing campaigns, and curating powerful social proof from your happy customer base.

Growth Marketing Examples


1181 to
in 24 months

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The Water Scrooge

374 to
in 10 months


77 Plastic Surgery

2705 to
in 12 months

READ MORE _graph-placeholder.jpg


Trademark Now

4639 to
in 8 months


3096 to
in 4 months



9924 organic to
in 12 months





Think Great Marketing Is Expensive?
Consider The Cost Of Bad Marketing!

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‘No Yay No Pay’ Guarantee

Value over profit (our #1 core value) means, if in any month of working with our Growth Team you feel we haven’t delivered delightful service in line with every word on this page, it’s free until it’s fixed.

Of course, if you’re clearly taking advantage of this core value, we reserve the right to exit the relationship. Every Lean Labs customer is a volunteer with no contract term. We both have to do our part to create transformational results.

PS - working with Lean Labs will require 2-4 hours per week. (6-8h per week in the strategy phase)

Growth Marketing Teams For Startups & Enterprises

We’re flexible to fit the unique needs of different organizations.

Experts for Enterprise

We can pair you with our in-house team to fill the gaps in talent or bandwidth to deliver top-shelf web design. Projects typicaly launch in 4-5 months. We’ll transition post-launch updates to your team. References available upon request.

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We Put The 'Lean' in Startup

We know how to start small and focus on traction and growth. If you're seeking product-market fit, or you're crossing the chasm towards a scaling enterprise, we can help you get there. Sites launched in 60-90 days, and our growth team drives at a fraction of the cost of a FT in-house team.

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Gaps For Growing SMB's

Not sure what the future holds? No problem. You can start with us now, and figure out whether you want to grow with us (or outgrow us) later. Experts in creating the buyer journey, customer-centric marketing, and designing websites customers love.

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Stop Hunting Leads & Chasing Sales... Start Attracting Customers with marketing that scales.

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You’ve got questions… We’ve got answers.

There’s only so much we can tell you on our website without first having the context of your business goals and challenges. You’re invited to schedule a chat about your goals and how we might help achieve them.

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