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Ten years ago, when I finished my internship at Walt Disney World, I didn't want to return to the real world. The universe conspired, and through a series of coincidences, I found myself in a world with its own roller coasters and pixie dust — SaaS. ✨

Since then, I have worked with some of the world's leading technology companies to generate high-quality leads and fine-tune the growth funnel. Experience might have taught me time-tested frameworks, yet I remain a wide-eyed marketer who's always eager to test assumptions.  






Where I live.

I currently live in Benaulim, a small village in the smallest state of India.  

What I love doing (when not at work).

I love acting on stage and have performed plays for the National School of Drama, Disney's STAGE Cast Club, and the Bangkok Community Theater. I also love long walks, reading history books, listening to music, and pretending to bowl leg spin. 

What I do (professionally).

I'm a member of the growth marketing team at Lean Labs. We develop, implement, and manage strategic, growth-driven strategies to help our clients grow sustainably.

What makes me good at it.

I am what you might call a T-shaped marketer — a generalist with experience running campaigns throughout the growth funnel, coupled with a pronounced passion for content marketing. This unique blend equips me to lead content-centric marketing campaigns  — from blogs and landing pages to lead magnets and ads. 

My background includes successfully leading a SaaS business from zero to $3MM ARR. Therefore, I can relate to the challenges faced by startup founders and leverage my experience to drive strategic growth initiatives.

Why I do it for Lean Labs?

Lean Labs approaches marketing in the right spirit and its principle of Value Over Profit resonates deeply with me. The team's energy is contagious and reminds you of why you got into this crazy world we call marketing in the first place. 

Influential Books
  • It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work - Jason Fried and DHH
  • Measure What Matters - John Doerr
  • On Writing - Stephen King
  • The Anarchy - William Dalrymple

“Less is more.”